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Youth Connect Program Kicks Off: First Week Wrap-Up!

The Youth Connect Program just wrapped up its first week, and I'm here to spill all the details. Make sure to keep an eye out for our weekly updates, where we’ll spotlight different groups of members and share their workplace adventures. More stories are coming your way, so stay tuned!
2024 Co-hurt Youth Connect Program

Hey Statesboro! If you haven’t heard, the City of Statesboro's Youth Connect (SYC) program just launched its first full week, and let me tell you, it’s been a wild ride. This program is all about giving us teens a chance to get real-world experience by placing us in various job sites around town. Pretty cool, right?

So, what’s Youth Connect all about? Basically, it’s this awesome initiative that hooks us up with local businesses and organizations, giving us a taste of the professional world. It’s like a sneak peek into adulthood, but way more fun and way less stressful. We’re talking hands-on experience, learning new skills, and making connections that could totally help us out in the future. 

This idea for SYC was cooked up by Mayor Jonathan McCollar and City Council and is directed by Dr. LaSara Mitchell.

Now, let’s dive into where everyone’s been placed and how the first week went down!

The Job Site Line-Up

  • Laylah Scarboro and Eden Chavers both scored spots at the Ogeechee Public Defenders Office. Rumor has it, they’re already diving into case files like pros!

  • Alijah Wright and Quailnija Hills are bringing the energy at New Life Chiropractic. They’re learning the ins and outs of keeping everyone in Statesboro aligned and feeling great.

  • Isaac Brooks started off at the City Gym but spent his first week in Public Works. He’s been seeing how the city keeps everything running smoothly.

  • DeMarrio Wade, Zoe Lee, Grace Huff-Colbert, and Alan Beasley are rocking it at Human Resources. Alan will be moving to Finance soon, but for now, he's mastering the HR game.

  • Over at Kids World, Andre’anna Jenkins, Tyler Cooper, Lakeya Eason, and Mason Hughes are having a blast with the little ones. The kiddos are in great hands!

  • Shayonna Fair and Ava Latrice Mincey are on duty at the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department, getting a behind-the-scenes look at law enforcement.

  • Zaelyn Newton is navigating the complexities at Planning and Development. Talk about learning the ropes of city planning! Hope he is getting lots of tips of cool new things coming to share with me so I can scoop the "old timers" at Grice Connect.

  • Bryson Williams is handling things at Central Services, making sure everything is in tip-top shape.

  • Kaedin Caine is putting her creative skills to work at Delawi Designs. Graphic design, here she comes!

  • Diona Seabrain and Nigeria Mincey are gaining medical experience at Frontline Med. Future doctors in the making?

  • Kennedi Howard is getting pampered at VIP Nails. Well, not pampered—working hard to learn the nail biz!

  • Lauren Wadley is with the Engineering Department, figuring out the nuts and bolts of city projects.

  • Bailey Bergans is soaking up knowledge at Trilogy, getting a taste of business operations.

  • Jarnicua Jean-Charles is making a difference at Kidovations, helping with child education and care.

  • Jada Broomfield and Olivia Hendrix are surrounded by books at the Statesboro Library, probably lost in some awesome reads while they work.

  • Isley Simpkins is checking out the real estate scene at Statesboro Real Estate. Future Realtor, maybe?

  • Marlii Thomas is learning the dental ropes at Thomas Dental. A sparkling smile is guaranteed!

  • Sanaye Scott is all about mental health at Limitless Counseling, getting insights into therapy and support services.

  • Isaiah RogersStephen Edward and James Stewart are working at the amazing 7th Mile Farm where they grow HOPE, getting their hands dirty while learning about foster kids, building cabins and warehousing supplies while learning about the important work they do to help our community.

  • And then there’s me, JaKori Cope, reporting live from GRICE Connect. It’s all about keeping you guys in the loop with the latest news and updates.

What’s Next?

This is just the beginning, folks. Each week, we’ll spotlight different members of the program, giving you an inside look at their workplaces and how they’re settling in. Stay tuned for some awesome stories and maybe a few surprises along the way!

So, keep an eye out for our weekly updates. The Youth Connect Program is off to an epic start, and we can’t wait to share our adventures with you. Until next time, Statesboro!