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Family Fun Resource Day brings community together at Berkshire Village

Statesboro buzzed with excitement as families gathered for the much-anticipated Family Resource Fun Day. Hosted by Statesboro Village Builders, the event offered a day of free entertainment, engaging activities, and valuable community resources. From interactive games to delicious food and over 30 local vendors, the day was a great success. Read below for all the highlights and the full list of participating businesses!

The Statesboro community gathered for a fantastic day of fun and resource sharing at the Family Fun Resource Day, hosted by the Statesboro Village Builders at Berkshire Village on May 31. This lively event was designed to connect families with essential services and resources while providing a day of free entertainment.

At the buzzing venue, families were treated to an array of activities that ensured everyone had a memorable experience. The event featured music, interactive games, and a variety of onsite resources. Kids delighted in face painting, bouncing around in the bounce houses, and arts and crafts activities. To top it off, there was an abundance of free food, books, and door prizes that added to the excitement of the day.

The Family Fun Resource Day has become a cornerstone event for the community, aimed at bringing together local businesses, organizations, and residents to support and uplift one another.

Statesboro Village Builders, the driving force behind this event, has consistently focused on fostering a sense of community and providing valuable resources to families in the area.

Among the 30 businesses and organizations that participated in the event were:

  1. ABA Pathways
  2. Adult Literacy Program
  3. Bulloch County Book Bus
  4. Bulloch County Sheriff's Office Child ID Team
  5. City of David WA
  6. City of Statesboro - Human Resources
  7. Colgate
  8. East Georgia Healthcare Center
  9. Farmers Market 2GO
  10. Georgia HOPE
  11. Georgia Southern Psychology Clinic
  12. Goodwill SEGA Opportunity Center - Statesboro
  13. Greener Boro Commission
  14. Healthy Boro
  15. One Boro
  16. Limitless Counseling and Consultation, LLC
  17. New York Life Insurance
  18. Primecare Home Care Services
  20. Bulloch County DPH
  21. St. Joseph's/Candler Movement Disorders Program
  22. Statesboro Regional Library
  23. Statesboro Youth Council
  24. The Boys and Girls Club of Bulloch County
  25. W.E. MOVE! Tutoring Group
  26. Fire Department
  27. CELA
  28. Safe Haven
  29. Emergency Training
  30. Bulloch Black Mental Wellness Project

Each vendor brought unique offerings to the event, ranging from educational programs to health and wellness initiatives. Families had the opportunity to explore a wide variety of resources and services available in the community, ensuring they left with valuable information and connections that could benefit them in numerous ways.

The success of the Family Fun Resource Day highlights the importance of community events in building relationships and providing support systems for residents. By bringing together diverse local vendors, the event showcased the variety of services and resources available in Statesboro.

As the day came to a close, the smiles on the faces of both children and adults were a testament to the positive impact of the event. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of Statesboro Village Builders and all the participating businesses and organizations, the Family Fun Resource Day was a resounding success, strengthening the community and leaving everyone looking forward to the next gathering.