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Senior Moment | Make a joyful noise with the Boro Community Choir!

Sing, sing, sing! The Boro Community Choir invites you to lend your voice and find encouragement and fellowship with other seniors 55+. There is no experience or specific denomination required; you only need a LOVE of singing and a JOY to serve your community through song!


ATTENTION!!  Singers of Statesboro, Bulloch County, and surrounding areas!! Here is an opportunity to put your VOCAL talents back to use and be a BENEFIT to the community! Since the Pandemic, many of you have been DISPLACED from choir life due to one reason or another.

Jeff Brazell, Full-time Worship Pastor at  First Baptist Church Statesboro, is offering a fantastic opportunity to put those talents to use and visit Statesboro and Bulloch County's finest locales. Be an INSPIRATION and bring HAPPINESS to this outreach program. This will be a weekday event, so it will not interfere or interrupt your Sunday Church services or your weekend commitments. Let me introduce you to this ideal opportunity!!


According to the OXFORD dictionary, ‘a CHOIR  is an organized group of singers typically one that takes part in church services or performs regularly in public.’

The BORO COMMUNITY CHOIR is a Choir that performs in public.

Jeff Brazell has been the Worship Pastor at First Baptist Statesboro since July 2022. He began his professional career as Associate Pastor of Music and Ministry In Folsom, Louisiana, worked at First Baptist Church in Dublin, Georgia, and was the Former Worship and Arts Pastor at Snellville’s Church on Main before coming to Statesboro in this position. He has been in the Full-time Worship Ministry for over 15 years. Jeff is married to Lauren, and they have a one and a half year old daughter, Lively.

Jeff Brazell

The Washington Post wrote an article about the benefits of church choirs and the physical and mental health benefits of singing with others. They said, “Choirs are large families. Singing in them promotes social bonding and joy. Choir members are more optimistic, less lonely, and more likely to contribute positively to the community. A sense of achievement comes from creating notes with the body and working together to master a work”

The GOAL is to build a choir called the ‘BORO COMMUNITY CHOIR’!!! 

“The CHOIR is primarily targeted to those 55+, but anyone is more than welcome to join the group,” said Jeff. NO experience is needed, just a LOVE for singing and a JOY to serve Statesboro and the surrounding Community.


NO Cost! NO Auditions! NO Dress Code! NO Denomination or Membership required! Just your Voice and your Time! WE WANT YOU!!!

“The MISSION of ‘BORO COMMUNITY CHOIR’ is to provide a place for people who LOVE music to JOIN their voices together, be encouraged as they sing songs of faith, and enjoy fellowship with each other who have the same passion.The Choir will have the opportunity to be a blessing throughout the community, as they present seasonal concerts. This group will also have the opportunities to minister in song at assisted living facilities within Bulloch County,” added Jeff.

The BORO COMMUNITY CHOIR songs will vary in style and genre from Southern Gospel hymns of the faith to modern songs and, of course, seasonal songs of JOY, CHEER, and PRAISE for Christmas and other Celebratory events.

They will travel to various Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Senior Adults’ Christmas Celebrations, including special Holidays like Valentine's and Easter celebrations, and even the Fairgrounds to name a few.


Upon skimming social media, I saw an article that was intriguing and seemed MOST appropriate to this mission. ‘To the OUTSIDE, it's a chorus rehearsal; on the INSIDE, it's a stress reliever… a sense of belonging… a mood changer… a confidence booster… a place you are accepted… a creative outlet… an extended family… a support system… a challenge… a place to discover your best self and an opportunity to change people's lives through music!’

Hoping this appeals to you, to showcase ‘your talents’ and ‘share your heart’  for the community with this ‘driven group.'

Rehearsals are on Tuesdays from 1:00p.m.- 2:00p.m. starting on September 5th, in the music suite at FBC Church Statesboro. Park in the Woodrow Street parking lot, and enter through Entrance F. Can't make it to the first rehearsal? Please come the following Tuesday or the following Tuesday after. Happy to have you any time!


Should you have any questions, contact Jeff Brazell, 912-764-5627 or email [email protected] or show up Tuesday, September 5th at 1:00 p.m.

The OBJECTIVE is to build a Community Choir, so ‘Jump In' and come Tuesday and be part of the ‘JOY’ that will fill the voids in many lives with your voice.

SING! SING! SING! This could be your ‘GREATEST’ Senior Moment yet!