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Senior Moment | Advice from Seniors to Seniors

One of Michele LeBlanc's life mottos is "learn from the BEST!" This week, she revisits Southern Manor to share advice from Seniors to Seniors. (That's Senior citizens to Seniors in high school!) Whether or not you're about to embark on your next big adventure, we can all benefit from this heartfelt life advice.

ADVICE is a precarious word often listened to but seldom accepted or taken. According to the Oxford Dictionary ‘Advice’ is defined as: Guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent future action.

Well today, I would like to share some light-hearted but solid words of wisdom or advice from a few seasoned Senior Adults that reside at Southern Manor on Fair Road in Statesboro.

Southern Manor Senior Living was founded in 1988 by Kay Wildes, in beautiful Statesboro, Georgia. It was the first retirement living center of its kind in Bulloch and surrounding counties. Later in 2011, it was sold to Ralph Cowart, the current owner. Southern Manor has 45-50 residents ranging in age from 68-102 young.

A couple of the residents are ready to celebrate their centennial ++ birthdays. I know some individuals can share volumes of fascinating stories of LIFE and advice. I personally LOVE sitting, chatting, and learning all they have to offer from the decades of their ‘Activities and Experiences.’

So this brings us to the recent ‘ADVICE from a SENIOR to a SENIOR’ at Southern Manor and how it originated. That's from Senior citizens to Seniors in high school.

Barbara Eloi, the Activity Director at Southern Manor, plans a monthly activity calendar, starting with the Local Community Calendars and a National Calendar, for the residents at Southern Manor.

Barbara said, “I saw online that other facilities were making signs with ‘Advice from a Senior to a Senior’ and thought PERFECT with school just starting. I bought one of those signs that parents use for the first day of school pictures and just added a part about ‘Advice from a Senior to a Senior.' I gave the residents a few days to prepare for what they were going to say, and here it is. They just LOVED this PROJECT!! Each slide is beyond GREAT! See for yourself!"


I was contemplating what ADVICE I would give to ‘a Senior from a Senior’ if I was holding that sign. SO HERE I GO!

Oh yes, being a pretty active and driven person, I have had huge goals from high school, college, marriage, and other future endeavors. Also, I have had the LOVE to study people and how they have achieved their successes. Learn from the BEST!! A motto of mine. So here is MY advice -- Senior to Seniors.

  • First, have a GOAL: a purpose or aim for an anticipated result. Be specific, write it down, and set plan for action.
  • Second, ‘CATCH and RELEASE’: After listening to an interview by Taylor Swift the accomplished musical artist, this concept seemed real. “Know what to keep and what to let go,” she said. “Grudges, disappointments, and updates. Hold on to the good. Pick where you want your life to go.” 
  • Third, Admiral William H. McRaven, US Navy Retired, wrote a book called ‘MAKE YOUR BED: Little Things That Can Change Your Life; Maybe The World.' Read it! On May 17, 2014, Admiral McRaven addressed the graduating class of the University of Texas, Austin, on their commencement day. He said, “If you want to change the world, START OFF BY MAKING YOUR BED. If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another. By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed. Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that the little things in life matter. If you don't do the little things right, you will never do the big things right.”


Summarizing: Be proactive! It's your life, your goal, your future. I have started over several times (including this 2nd ACT as a Senior Reporter for Grice Connect). Gratefully, I have found FUN, SELF GRATIFICATION, and a MISSION to be of service to others.

SENIORS!! 'Start Your Day with a Task Completed’ (Admiral William H.McRaven). ‘MAKE YOUR BED,’ and enjoy your next Senior Moment!