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BINGO with the Mayor! And other good times at 'The Gardens'

Grice Connect's Michele LeBlanc shares some highlights from the Bingo and Birthday festivities she attended at The Gardens Senior Living Community. Mayor McCollar has just one request for his next visit: that the residents let him win at least one game!
Bingo players at The Gardens Senior Living Community | Michele LeBlanc.

Shhh... Let me tell you a little secret! The residents at ‘The Gardens’ know how to celebrate! Laughing and engaging is NOT an unusual occurrence. But recently, they had a very special guest come to spend some quality time with them playing one of their favorites: BINGO!

Gardens Activity Director Jennifer Jones reached out to Mayor Jonathan McCollar and invited him to visit ‘The Gardens’ to play. He gladly accepted.

Mayor McCollar, as many as many of you know, was born and raised in Statesboro, and graduated from Georgia Southern University with his Masters in Public
Administration and a Bachelor's Degree in History. He was invited to ‘The Gardens’ to play and call numbers for BINGO. Approximately 10 residents were present.

Mayor Jonathan McCollar playing Bingo | Michele LeBlanc.

Bingo is one of the most exciting games played by Seniors. The benefits of playing are mental agility, a "push" for your brain, and busting boredom.
According to Britannica, the first bingo games were recorded in 1778, as a children's game. Modern American BINGO took shape in the 19th century and became very popular since it can be played in many different venues, but whatever way it's played, it spells FUN!

It is not unusual for this fabulous group of Gardens residents to take their programs and activities seriously, and with Mayor McCollar present, it definitely did not disappoint. Several BINGO games were played, prizes were distributed, and a full buffet of snacks, punch, sandwich trays, and appetizers made the occasion extra special!

Mayor Jonathan McCollar said, “Having the opportunity to spend some time with great folks, that paved the way for our community, is always absolutely amazing.
My visit at ‘The Gardens’ gave me the opportunity to enjoy some quality time with some wonderful Seniors. The time spent with them was joyous and I look forward
to spending more time with them. However, next time, they have to let me WIN a game of BINGO!”

​Always good times at the Gardens

Allow me to share a few more FUN times and a few secrets about ‘The Gardens.’ Let’s begin with a couple of special events that were highlights of January 2024.

Jennifer Jones, Activity Director and a mother of 1, has worked with Seniors since 2019, as a Resident Aide. When the opportunity presented itself to become
the Activity Director, she was elated.

Jennifer said, “I fell in love with it. My passion is putting smiles on my residents' faces.” She is full of enthusiasm, creativity, drive and a spirit of hospitality. In addition, her sense of humor makes every resident thrilled about the next activity or program. Jennifer said, “My goals are to become better at what I do. Every day is a learning day for me.”

Jennifer Jones, Activity Director at The Gardens Senior Living | Michele LeBlanc.


Birthday Bash!

Every month, The Gardens celebrates the monthly birthdays with a BASH. The most recent party was January 20th at 3:00 pm. I was invited to be part of this celebration since, coincidentally, my own birthday is on that day! What a grand time to celebrate with these 4 residents: Margarette Moller (99), Christine Hancock (78), Albert Wilson (83), and Ralph Stepp (77).

Balloons, cupcakes, ice cream, veggie and fruit trays, snacks and punch were all there to enjoy. Playing games of decade trivia was a BLAST!!

Birthday celebrities-(front) Margarette Moller (99), Ralph Stepp (77),  Albert Wilson(83), absent Christine Hancock (78) | Michele LeBlanc.

Misty Carter, Director at ‘The Gardens,’ is a 4-year resident of Bulloch County, originally from Richmond Hill. She previously spent 10 years in the legal field.

“My goal for ‘The Gardens’ is to make our residents feel safe and loved every day. Knowing we are here to protect them, help in their daily lives and give them a place that feels like ‘home away from home,’ as well as giving their families a sense of peace knowing their loved ones are in good hands. We treat everyone of our residents as if they were our own parents or grandparents. We want them to feel needed and important and have purpose."

"They all have many wonderful stories. I love going, sitting and listening to them.” added Misty.

Birthday Bash-playing decade trivia | Michele LeBlanc.

Even if you're not yet ready to move to the Gardens, you TOO can enjoy the good times with these fun and festive residents!

Both Jennifer and Misty concluded, “We need volunteers, people who love to spend time, enjoy our residents, do crafts, Bible study, board games, read, or call
BINGO. Just stop by and say HI!!!"

If you're interested, contact Jennifer Jones, Activity Director, or 912-681-1923.

Making this a 'good time' Senior Moment!