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Statesboro-Bulloch County holds first public transportation plan meeting seeking public input

The City and County held their first joint public hearing to gather information from the public for the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan. Click on the story to learn more and view the presentation slides.
Kolladice Johnson with GMC addressed the audience during the public meeting

The City of Statesboro and Bulloch County Board of Commissioners hosted their first public meeting regarding the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan on Monday, Sept. 25, 2023, at the Statesboro First United Methodist Church. At the meeting, they made it very clear that they welcome input from citizens on what they see as the current and future transportation needs for Statesboro and Bulloch County.

Citizens are encouraged to complete the Long Range Transportation Plan Survey online at

Kolladice Johnson and Glenn Coyne with Goodwyn Mills Cawood (GMC), a national planning and engineering firm, led the meeting. They have been hired by the City and County to conduct research and compile the Long Range Transportation Plan which will serve as a blueprint for future transportation projects and expected population growth in Bulloch County over the next 20 years.

CLICK HERE to view the full presentation.

The meeting included a presentation on the scope of the project and an explanation of how the public could provide input. The next public meeting will be early 2024.

The study began in August, and they anticipate that it will take one year to complete.  The first step is to collect data and look at what has been done and what transportation projects are being planned. They will also review the current long range plan which was completed in 2009.

It will be comprehensive and look at all types of transportation options including vehicles, bikes, walking, and public transit.  

The public will be updated through the process as they work to develop a the plan.

Below is a timeline for the plan: