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Commissioners clear the way for sewer service expansion to Brooklet

An agreement that has been in the works since August was approved by the Bulloch County Commissioners to allow for the extension of sewer from the City of Statesboro to the City of Brooklet. Click the picture to read about this and other business covered at the meeting.
Bulloch County Commissioners meet for their bi monthly meeting

Bulloch County Commissioners met for their regular bi-monthly meeting on Tuesday morning, October 17, 2023.  Chairman Roy Thompson opened the meeting, after the prayer and pledge of allegiance by Commissioner Toby Connor, by recognizing several organizations.

In new business the Commissioners approved a service delivery agreement and easement to allow the City of Statesboro to expand sewer services to Brooklet.  The county agreed in August to this extension, however it took several months to work through the process and complete appropriate studies.  Nicky Gwinnett the incoming Mayor of Brooklet attended the meeting and was recognized by Chair Thompson.

"This is a big step forward for the City of Brooklet," said Mayor Elect Gwinnett.  "I am not sure citizens realize what a big deal this is for the City of Brooklet.  This is the culmination of 20 years of work."

The City of Statesboro has on their agenda the service delivery agreement for consideration of approval at tonights meeting.  Once approved, City Engineer Wesley Parker can finalize the plans for the extension.  

They hope to issue bonds later this year and begin construction middle of 2024.

Chair Thompson wanted to clarify some misinformation on social media that spread a false rumor that the County was against this extension.  That is not true as evidenced today.


1. Proclamation Presentation to Safe Haven Recognizing October as "Domestic Violence Awareness Month"

L-R: Jessica Williams, Tami Kicklighter, Chair Thompson and Kim Billings. DeWayne Grice

2. Presentation of Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting to the Bulloch County Finance Department

L-R: Chair Thompson with Kristie King, Stacey Deal, Peyton Fuller and Breanna Haydon. Not pictured are Faye Bragg and Kimberly Aldrich. DeWayne Grice

3. Recognition of Bulloch County Animal Services for rescuing over 150 animals from a Bulloch County home.  We will have a more detailed story on their extraordinary work in a later story.

Bulloch County Animal Services recognized by the Commission. DeWayne Grice


1. Minutes Approval: Tuesday September 19th, 2023 08:30 AM

2. Minutes Approval: Tuesday October 3rd, 2023 05:30 PM

3. Motion to approve purchase of two John Deere Gators

In the FY24 CIP budget, the Parks Division was approved to purchase two utility vehicles (Project ID PARK19) to replace two John Deere Gators. We have been purchasing John Deere TS Gators since 2006 but that model is no longer made. The new model available is the TX Gator, which is basically the same machine except for the rear suspension system, larger bed, and better tailgate.

We received a quote from Blanchard Equipment through Sourcewell Grounds Maintenance Contract #031121- DAC (PG NB CG 70) for the price of $19,942.68. The budgeted amount for these purchases is $16,000, which would have been enough for the TS model.

This purchase is scheduled for the third quarter of the SPLOST schedule. If approved and we order them now, they would be received in the middle of January 2024, which is the third quarter.

It is the recommendation of Tony Morgan, Parks Division Manager, to approve the purchase of two John Deere TX Gators through Sourcewell contract for a total of $19,942.68.

4. Motion to approve purchase of 15 Passenger Bus

In the FY24 CIP budget, the Parks Division was approved to purchase a 15-passenger bus (Project ID PARK03) to replace a mini bus purchased in 2006.

Creative Bus Sales, Inc. in College Park, Georgia has the state contract on buses. We received a quote from them for a 14 passenger (plus driver) Starcraft Starlite bus for $112,846. This bus is a Ford Transit chassis, gas engine, 22’ long, and a CDL license is not required to drive. It comes with a 5-year, 100,000-mile warranty. We have $109,425 remaining in the budget replacement of the bus.

It is the recommendation of Tony Morgan, Parks Division Manager, to approve the purchase of the Starlight bus for $112,846 from Creative Bus Sales, Inc. through GA State contract #99999-SPD-SPD0000212-0005.

5. Motion to Approve Sole Source from Duffield Aquatics for the Purchase of a BECSys7 Chemical Controller - Splash in the Boro Waterpark

Upgrading Chemical and Backwash Controller at Splash in the Boro is approved on the FY24 CIP schedule (Project ID SPLA05 / $22,000). Duffield Aquatics submitted a quote for this upgrade in the amount of $18,961.43. Duffield Aquatics is the sole source for sales, service, and warranty administration in our area for the BECSys Controller line and related products.

It is the recommendation of Alex Estrada, Aquatics Division Manager, to accept this quote from Duffield Aquatics in the amount of $18,961.43.

6. Motion to approve purchase of Deck Chairs & Replacement Parts for Splash in the Boro Waterpark7.

Splash in the Boro Family Waterpark & Aquatics Center was approved to purchase deck chairs in the FY24 CIP budget (Project ID SPLA12 / $25,000). This puchase will bring our chair inventory to the desired number. We are also in need of replacement parts in order to repair broken chairs throughout the season.

Quotes were received from three vendors. The lowest quote of $22,226.16 was received from ET&T Distributors.

It is the recommendation of Alex Estrada, Aquatics Division Manager, to accept this quote from ET&T for a total of $22,226.16.

7. Motion to approve Long Leaf Pine Straw contract renewal from Brian T. Powell Enterprises, Inc.

It is the recommendation of Tony Morgan, Parks Division Manager, to approve and renew the third and final year contract for the purchase of Long Leaf Pine Straw from Brian T. Powell Enterprises, Inc. Mr. Powell has agreed to supply us with the pine straw for the same price, same terms and conditions for another year for the period November 1, 2023 to October 31, 2024. (Reference ID 2506)

This includes 11,500 bales of long leaf pine straw for a price of $37,375. The pine straw will be used for Parks Division projects (6,500 bales) and for the I-16 landscaping project (5,000 bales). The cost would once again be split between Recreation and Transportation budgets.

8. Motion to approve bid for Mill Creek Tennis Resurfacing

In the FY24 CIP budget, the Parks Division was approved to crack seal and resurface Mill Creek tennis courts (Project ID PARK07).

During the bid process, two bids were received. After reviewing the bids, Barber Tennis, LLC had the lowest bid of $72,500. Barber Tennis has all the proper paperwork, with one exception to the bid which is a for the payment schedule. The bid packet states to be paid in full after full completion of the project. Barber Tennis is asking for 33% payment at the time of signed contract, 33% halfway through the project, and 34% at the completion of the job. We have used Barber Tennis, LLC for two other major projects and they have done an excellent job and are timely in their work, so we are comfortable with the payment exception.

It is the recommendation of Parks Division Manager, Tony Morgan, that we accept the bid from Barber Tennis, LLC in the amount of $72,500.

9. Motion to approve a FY 24 Q2 Zoll Purchase

Bulloch EMS was approved for a FY 24 Q2 purchase for four (4) Zoll X cardiac monitors. A quote was requested prior to the budget being approved and with that quote EMS was budgeted one hundred thirty two thousand dollars ($132,000). Due to an increase in prices from Zoll and the fact that we will only be trading in two cardiac monitors instead of four, the amount reflected in this quote is one hundred fifty-two thousand, seven hundred sixty-five dollars and forty cents (152,765.40). We request board approval

10. Motion to approve a purchase Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and testing software from MES.

This purchase is another step forward to replacing the older 2216 SCBAs on the apparatus with the new, more advanced and safer SCBAs being made today. We are using Sourcewell for this purchase.

11. Motion to approve Trophy Bid Contract Renewal from Awards South

It is the recommendation of Dadrian Cosby, Athletics Division Manager, to approve and renew the third and final year contract for the purchase of Trophies & Awards for FY24 from Awards South. Ms. Pegi Boatright, owner, has agreed to keep all trophies and awards cost at the same price established in 2021 for amount of $13,915.25. 

12. Motion to approve the purchase of 32 SCOTT Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) from MES for the Bulloch County Fire Department.

Bulloch County applied for the FY 22 AFG and was awarded the grant. 32 SCBAs are what we asked for and awarded. This purchase meets the guidelines of the grant.

13. Motion to grant a 2024 alcoholic beverage renewal license for package retail beer and wine sales to certain establishments with a current 2023 license.


  • SV Trading CO., Inc. (Zip N Food #1) – Suren Patel
  • Sumil Investment, LLC (301 Truck Stop) – Bhaveshkumar Patel, Milankumar Patel, Suren Suresh Patel
  • Supron (301 Market) – Pravina Dodia Shri
  • Krishnashray, Inc. – Meenaben Patel
  • Parker’s #45- Rashad Keel
  • Shree Askharmurti, Inc. – Jagishchandra
  • Bhatt EnMarket #755 – Sheryl Ann McGregor
  • EnMarket #756 - Sheryl Ann McGregor


  • Forest Heights Country Club, Inc. – William L. Herrington

14. Approve the purchase of a Xybix Furniture request for monitor risers.

We have budgeted for the upgrade to the 6th position and a CAD hardware refresh. The newer CAD version will require different monitors. We will need to add a second row of monitor risers. The cost is $4,854.20

15. Approve the Addition of the 6th position in 911 dispatch/911 phone system.

This budget year we request that our 6th position be brought online. We have had 5 positions for about 5 years and are in need of the 6th position to keep up with the increased call volume. This is the phone system portion of the equipment. Cost $21,341.10

16. Approve the Addition of the 6th position/radio console purchase

We are in need of adding the 6th position to the 911/radio equipment. We are in need of the 6th position to keep up with the increased call volume that we are currently experiencing. Radio console cost $86,285.00

17. Approval to purchase hardware refresh and add the 6th dispatch position.

This year in the budget we requested a hardware refresh. It has been 6 years since our last hardware refresh, every 5 years is recommended. We also requested that our 6th position be brought online. This was needed to help with the addition call volume was are currently experiencing. The cost for the hardware refresh and 6th position is $78,128.28.

18. Motion to approve an amendment to the budgets for Fiscal Year 2023 by appropriating amounts in each fund for various activities.

Staff is requesting a final budget amendment to appropriate monies needed for various operational and capital activities which were needed to complete organizational objectives. Adjustments are necessary to modify budgets at the legal level of control per O.C.G.A.Chapter 36, as only the Commission has the authority to change spending levels. Though O.C.G.A only requires an amendment for over-expenditures, Staff also provided information on revenues to aid in understanding fund performance and the necessity for amending the budget.

19. Approve the Appointment of William Matthew "Matt" Daughtry to serve out the unexpired term of Lawton Sack on the Bulloch County Board of Elections and Registration, commencing on October 17, 2023 and ending on December 31, 2025.

The current vacated term of Lawton Sack expires on December 31, 2025; however Mr. Sack has submitted his resignation effective August 28, 2023. William Matthew "Matt" Daughtry has committed to serve out the remainder Mr. Sack's unexpired term. Mr. Daughtry's term will commence immediately upon approval on October 17, 2023 and ending on December 31, 2025.

20. Approve the Appointment of Jim Benton to a four-year term on the Bulloch County Board of Elections and Registration, commencing on January 1, 2024 and ending on December 31, 2027. 

The current term of Jeff Brannen on the Bulloch County Board of Elections and Registration ("Board of Elections") ends on December 31, 2023. Mr. Jim Benton will fill the vacant seat with a 4-year term commencing on January 1, 2024 and ending on December 31, 2027.


APPROVED - 1. Motion to approve amendments to the Service Delivery Strategy.

The City of Brooklet proposes amendments to the Bulloch County Service Delivery Strategy to include: 1. Expanded water utility service area for the city, and 2. the City of Brooklet as a sewer/wastewater provider in the service area as conveyed within the SDS document. Further, a water and sewer intergovernmental agreement between the City of Statesboro and the City of Brooklet has been attached to the agreement for reference.

APPROVED -  2. Approve the Nonrenewal of a Lease Agreement dated January 1, 2023 by and between the Bulloch County Board of Commissioners d/b/a Statesboro-Bulloch County Airport and Pilot Pros, Inc. d/b/a GATO Flight Academy and Romulo Toledo

On January 1, 2023 the Board of Commissioners entered into the attached lease agreement with Pilot Pros, Inc. d/b/a GATO Flight Academy and Romulo Toledo (the "Lessee") The lease has an initial term of one year through December 31, 2023 and provides for automatic renewal unless either party provides to the other written notice of an intent not to renew no later than 30 days prior to the expiration of the then-current term.

Pursuant to Section 12.1 of the lease, the Lessee is supposed to use the lease property solely for operating a business to provide aeronautical services consisting of a flight school and flight training. However, the Lessee has not provided those services at any time during the term of the lease. Section 12.3 states that the Lessee's failure to satisfactorily provide the required aeronautical services is grounds for termination of the lease. However, we are not requesting that the lease be terminated early but that the Commissioners approve nonrenewal of the lease.


APPROVED - 3. Approve a Right-of-way Easement for Sewer Line with the City of Brooklet

The City of Brooklet has entered into an intergovernmental with the City of Statesboro whereby Brooklet will be allowed to tie onto Statesboro's sewer line and run its own line to Brooklet in order to provide municipal sewer in Brooklet. In order to effectuate this arrangement, Brooklet needs a sewer easement from Bulloch County to install its sewer line in a portion of the old S&S right-of-way that runs from Statesboro to Brooklet that was conveyed to the County by the Statesboro Telephone Company in 1977. Approval of the attached sewer easement is recommended.


Catherine Tootle, Director of Freedom Through Recovery.  There are $638 million in Opiod Funds available.  Each region will receive a portion of funds.  I am here to ask for the Commissioners meet with Freedom Through Recovery to discuss these funds and how to move forward to insure we receive our portion of the funds.


Dink Butler, Director of Public Works recognized Alexis Knox who applied to the Solid Waste Association of North America for a management program.  She was one of 7 selected to participate in the program.

Alexis Know, Bulloch County Public Works with Bulloch County Commission. DeWayne Grice

Tom Couch, Bulloch County Manager agreed it is a good idea to have a discuss with Mrs. Tootle.  The funds we have received locally and those distributed to the state for local use is very complicated.  We look forward to more discussion to make sure we determine the best way to access the funds and distribute them.

"What we witnessed with the presentation todays is an example of the stewardship, integrity and professionalism that we strive for in the County from elected officials to staff.  We strive for excellence.  All of these efforts are tied to a bigger person, often as seriousness as life and death," said Tom Couch.  "I am grateful and owe a great thanks to all of our public servants in Bulloch County." 


After a brief executive session commissioners returned with no action taken.

CLICK HERE to view the agenda and supporting documents.

The live stream of the entire meeting is below: