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Yoga for Everyone: A community event by Zenergy Holistics and YogaMeFit

Lynn Geddes, owner and instructor at YogaMeFit, covered the main principles of yoga and discussed the importance of approaching the practice with a holistic mindset before leading attendees in a beginner flow.

Zen'Ergy Holistics and YogaMeFit partnered together to host a community event called Yoga for Everyone last Saturday afternoon. The goal of the event was to bring awareness to the benefits of yoga and to show that the practice truly is one that is accessible and available to all. 

Owner and instructor at YogaMeFit, Lynn Geddes, began the event with a presentation, covering the main principles of yoga and discussing the importance of approaching the practice with a holistic mindset. Geddes views yoga as a philosophical foundation to find alignment in peace as one moves through life.  

Lynn is a yoga practitioner originally from Savannah, with over 30 years of experience, who has roots in functional training and injury prevention. She received a degree in Health and Fitness Management from Armstrong State University. Because of a unique opportunity to study overseas in India, she developed a deep passion for sharing and teaching the holistic roots of this healing practice, especially honoring the importance of the breath. 

“There’s great power in our breath, we just need to know how to access it,” she shared.


During her presentation at Zen'Ergy, Lynn discussed the different branches of yoga. While most people have some basic awareness and understanding of the physical branch of yoga, known as Hatha, which is practiced through different asanas (or poses), Lynn also introduced the attendees to the other forms of yoga. The branches of yoga include:

  1. JNANA - Wisdom or Knowledge (the yoga of knowing, of realizing one’s true self through study)
  2. BHAKTI - Devotion (the yoga of the heart, based upon devotion to a spiritual practice or love as a principle)
  3. KARMA - Action (the yoga of doing, based upon selfless service and acting without expectation)
  4. HATHA - Balance (the yoga of bringing about a state of equilibrium, surrounds movement, poses, and the physical body)
  5. TANTRA - Sensation (the yoga of weaving, explores all aspects and energies that intersect between the body, mind, and spirit)
  6. RAJA - Royal (considered the “highest” form of yoga, the path of releasing the ego and connecting with the universal true Self, associations with mediation and the eightfold path of yoga)

Lynn also provided some other beginners information, including;

  • The eight components of yoga as defined by Patanjali, the author of the textbook of classical yoga: 
  1. YAMA – Moral Disciplines
  2. NIYAMA – Positive Duties
  3. ASANA – Posture or Poses
  4. PRANAYAMA – Breathing Techniques
  5. PRATYAHARA – Sense Withdrawal
  6. DHARANA – Focused Concentration
  7. DHYANA – Meditative Absorption 
  8. SAMADHI – State of Bliss
  • The health benefits of yoga, such as increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, improved respiration, energy and vitality, maintaining a balanced metabolism, cardio and circulatory health, improved athletic performance, and protection from injury 
  • The basics of meditation, emphasizing meditation as a method of accepting and releasing thoughts as they arise rather than one that needs the practitioner to have a mind “empty of thought”

After the presentation, Lynn led the participants through a brief beginner flow, putting her presentation to action and allowing attendees the opportunity to experience what they just learned firsthand. 

Lynn, left, and Brianna, right, stand together in the Zen'Ergy storefront.

Brianna Allen, the owner of Zen'Ergy Holistics, takes pride in partnering with local practitioners to provide a space where community members can come together, learn, and share their knowledge to empower those within the space. Their shop hosts a variety of events and workshops, including regular and monthly themed yoga classes. 

Their full schedule can be found online at