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Local Texas Longhorn breeder promotes healthier beef; See Longhorns up close this Saturday

Cole Meeks is a Bulloch County Longhorn breeder who wants to inform more people about healthier meat. You can see Texas Longhorns up close at the Peach State Showout this Saturday at the Bulloch County Ag Complex.
Cole Meeks and wife Jessie at Rolling Hills Ranch Credit: Cole Meeks

Cole Meeks is a Bulloch County resident who has been breeding cows since 2018. He and his father, Troy Meeks, started in 2016 with just 3 cows for ornamental purposes and to keep the pasture mowed. Their breeding operation now consists of body confirmation, consistency in milking, and horn measurements. After researching breeding and speaking with great breeders around the states, they had a new outlook for their program that would improve their Longhorn industry.

Besides Meeks, there are only three other pioneer breeders in the southeast region. His love for cows has motivated him to introduce this animal to our community. He has a farm, Rolling Hills Ranch, with all of his cattle right here in Statesboro.

“My biggest goal is to help promote this breed of cattle in an area where we don’t normally see them,” Meeks said.

History of Texas Longhorn Beef

The market for these natural grassfed Longhorns has changed, and the beef side has skyrocketed due to their lean beef.

This picture shows the comparison of Longhorn beef and other meats. (Photo Credit: Coke Meeks)

“A lot of people who are health conscious and are very interested in taking care of their body, this Longhorn beef is almost ideal for you,” Meeks said.

This specific beef is lower in fat and cholesterol, full of protein, and it has less cholesterol than chicken. This is a healthier serving for all the red meat lovers.

“Every breed of cow in the United States has generated from the Texas Longhorn,” Meeks said. “They genetically bred the Texas Longhorn over time to these different breeds, and the Texas Longhorns come from Mexico.”

What makes Longhorns an all-around great animal is that they're one of the easiest cows to raise. They are tolerant of heat and cold weather. Their colors, sizes, and horn characteristics are different than any other animal.

“These cows are amazing, and I wish we had more of them around,” Meeks said. “It’s a market that needs to be reached, and it’s a total quality animal.”

Meeks states that his cattle are raised very well -- so much so that his four-year-old son isn’t scared of them and can pet them without being harmed. His farm is open to the public for people to come and check out their Longhorns.

Cole Meeks and his son pose with Texas Longhorn head (Photo Credit: Cole Meeks)

Recently, the most expensive female Texas Longhorn in America was sold for $700,000.

Peach State Showout

This is the flyer for the event on Saturday. (Photo Credit: Rolling Hills Ranch Longhorns website)
Cole Meeks and wife Jessie Meeks pose with their own Texas longhorns at their farm. (Photo Credit: Cole Meeks)

This weekend, Meeks will be a part of the first Longhorn cattle show in this area, the Peach State Showout. It will be held at the Bulloch County Agricultural Complex at 44 Arena Blvd. on Saturday, Nov. 5, from 9am to 5pm.

People who come will see 67 animals not only from our local area but also other states. It may look like an auction, but these animals aren’t for sale. They are for the community to learn more about the cattle and for breeders to bring their cows from their pasture to the show and have professional Longhorn judges score their cattle.

Cole Meeks will bring some of his beef and Longhorns to the event. “It’s a really small market, but I figured what’s wrong with a little bit of Texas in Georgia,” Meeks said.

For more information about Cole Meeks and his farm, click here. For more information about this event, visit this website.