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Molding Sr. Manager (Bumper)


Company: Ecoplastic America


Mold Maintenance/Repair Work:

· Manage and oversee mold maintenance and repair activities on 3 lines and 5 lines at the manufacturing site.

· Conduct regular on-site patrols and inspections to identify issues and ensure mold quality.

· Manage labor resources and provide supervision to mold repair personnel.

· Electronically manage mold-related purchases, including the application for the purchase of consumables and registration of warehousing.

· Manage a list of molding spare parts and handle preventive parts for any issue.

· Consult with the team regarding mold repair schedules and associated costs.

· Follow up on mold repair work to ensure quality and effectiveness.

· Monitor downtime and earnings, conducting regular checks to minimize production interruptions.

· Implement preventive maintenance work, including weekly and monthly performance management and analysis.

Mold Management System (MMS) Operation:

· Establish a regular inspection plan for molds and register results on a monthly basis.

· Receive and review repair requests, ensuring that they are addressed promptly and efficiently.

· Transfer mold repair details to the MMS and register the work date for comprehensive tracking and management.

· Record the history of molds after repair, conducting thorough quality checks.

· Adjust mold grade as needed, including transitioning from massive production to after-sales service (A/S) support.

Other Tasks:

· Receive and review modification data for Ecoplastic and other molding processes.

· Consult with relevant teams on the revision schedule for molding tasks.

· Select appropriate modifiers and deploy data according to product specifications.

· Verify the corrected results for molding modifications and ensure quality.

· Receive revised quotations and register them in the MMS, including specification change statements.

· Prepare to response to molding-related issues and emergencies at any hour. This includes being on-call and reachable for urgent matters.


· Proven experience of at least 10 years in mold maintenance and repair in an auto parts manufacturing environment is preferred.

· Strong organizational and management skills, including the ability to manage multiple production lines.

· Proficiency in electronic purchase management systems and mold-related documentation.

· Excellent problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

· Knowledge of preventive maintenance practices and performance analysis.

· Familiarity with Mold Management Systems (MMS) is a plus.

· Attention to detail and commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards.


· 401K

· Relocation Bonus

· Insurance Coverage (Medical, Dental, and Vision)

· Paid Time Off (PTO)

To apply, email your resume to

"ECOPLASTIC AMERICA is an Equal Opportunity Employer"

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