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The Sullivan Law Firm is recognized as a Community Leader through its investment in expanding local news coverage. Thanks to its participation in the Community Leaders Program we are able to enhance areas of content in Statesboro that were underserved in the past. The Sullivan Law Firm proudly supports Let’s Eat! and stories about local food, restaurants and people behind the culinary scene in our area.

Rob Sullivan graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1989. He graduated from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan in 1993. Rob Sullivan began his career as an insurance defense trial lawyer, working for a law firm that represented insurance companies in personal injury cases. After training as an insurance defense attorney, Mr. Sullivan decided to cross over and represent injured
people in injury cases against insurance companies. He finds representing people much more fulfilling than representing the insurance companies.

Mr. Sullivan has practiced law for twenty-eight years, and he founded The Sullivan Law Firm on January 12, 1998 in Statesboro, Bulloch County, Georgia. Throughout the years, he has concentrated his practice on nothing but motor-vehicle and trucking accident injury cases. He has had many successful trials with large judgments in favor of his clients all throughout Georgia.

Because of his reputation as a good trial lawyer, he is able to settle most of his clientele's cases with the insurance companies prior to having to file a lawsuit. It is his experience that the best way to avoid having to go to court is to have the insurance company know that you are willing and prepared to go to court and win.

Throughout the years, The Sullivan Law Firm has served thousands of clients and through hard work, dedication, and attention to detail, The Sullivan Law Firm has provided outstanding results for its clients.

Mr. Sullivan has seven children. His two oldest sons attended the University of Georgia, and are both currently in law school. Both of them will join The Sullivan Law Firm in August of 2023 and in August of 2024, respectively. In his personal life, Mr. Sullivan likes to travel with his family. He and his family have enjoyed trips to Japan, numerous places throughout Europe, and to many places in the United States, including Hawaii. He and his family take annual trips to Ireland, from where Mr. Sullivan’s grandfather emigrated to the United States in 1908 before serving in World War I and serving as a New York City police officer with the 19 Precinct in Manhattan. Mr. Sullivan’s father was a blinded veteran of World War II, and his mother and father were married for fifty-eight years. Mr. Sullivan is the youngest of his siblings. His sister, Kathy, was a homemaker; his brother, Dan, owns and operates Defense Acquisition Services, Inc.; and his brother, Dr. Gary B. Sullivan,
M.D., is an obstetric gynecologist in Statesboro, Bulloch County, Georgia.

The Sullivan Law Firm has been located at 100 Brampton Avenue, Suite 2F/A, Statesboro, Georgia 30458 since 2002, and we continue to serve clients all over Georgia from this office.

We hope you never need us, but if you are injured in an accident, please call us at (912) 489-8888. 



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