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We, Ecoplastic, are an industry leading company with advanced technologies and know-how.

It is my pleasure to meet you our customers, shareholders and employees. Ecoplastic was founded in June 1984. Since then, we have continuously researched and developed top quality products based on our management innovation. As a result, we have become Korea’s leading auto plastic parts company.

However, the global automobile market is still undergoing a drastic change. Surely, it is inevitable for the auto parts industry to undergo a drastic change accordingly. Hence, I firmly believe that we should not be complacent with our achievements.

We, Ecoplastic, aim to act and respond proactively in this market transition phase for the purpose of solidifying our position as a global leader in the auto plastic parts industry.

We, Ecoplastic, aim to work together to fulfill our dreams and hopes. We kindly ask for your support to us so that we can continue to satisfy your needs with top-quality products.

We are HIRING! Join our Team.
All positions are located in Bulloch County GA.
Interested applicants submit your resume to: [email protected]