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Injection General Manager


Company: Ecoplastic America
Job Type: Permanent Full Time


Production Plan Achievement Management:

· Monitor and manage the achievement status compared to the production plan.

· Develop strategies to optimize production output while minimizing delays and downtime.

Utilization Management:

· Oversee the efficient utilization of machinery, equipment, and labor resources.

· Identify opportunities for resource optimization and cost reduction.

A/S Payment Progress Rate Management:

· Manage the progress of after-sales (A/S) payment for defective parts.

· Develop strategies to minimize A/S cases through quality improvement measures.

Downtime Reduction Plan Establishment:

· Develop and implement a plan to reduce downtime in the injection molding process.

· Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of downtime reduction initiatives.

Quality Problem Improvement Measures:

· Lead efforts to improve the quality of injection auto parts.

· Identify and address quality issues promptly to ensure customer satisfaction.

· Implement quality control measures and continuous improvement initiatives.

Revision of Various Standards Inspection:

· Review and inspect the revision of various standards related to injection molding.

· Update standards as necessary to maintain product quality and safety.

External Quality Problems Confirmation and Countermeasures:

· Investigate and confirm external quality problems reported by customers.

· Develop and implement effective countermeasures to address quality issues.

Bad Return Management:

· Handle issues related to the return of defective parts.

· Develop processes and solutions to minimize bad returns.

· Implement corrective actions to prevent recurrence.

New Vehicle Type Related Work Follow-up:

· Manage the introduction of injection processes for new vehicle types.

· Collaborate with design and engineering teams for successful implementation.

Subordinate Identification and Worker Interviews:

· Identify strengths and weaknesses of subordinates.

· Conduct regular interviews and performance assessments with workers.

Field Difficulties Management:

· Address field difficulties related to injection parts in the field.

· Investigate root causes and implement solutions.

· Improve field support to maintain customer satisfaction.

Work Process Placement and Attendance Check:

· Review work process placement and attendance of personnel.

· Ensure that tasks are assigned efficiently and personnel are present as scheduled.

Basic Order Establishment:

· Develop and communicate the basic order for the injection molding department.

· Ensure alignment with the overall manufacturing strategy.

Safety Education and Safety Accident Management:

· Oversee safety accident management and ensure prompt response to incidents.

· Implement safety protocols to prevent accidents and maintain a safe work environment.


· At least 15 years of experiences are preferred.

· Proven experience in injection molding operations and leadership roles in auto parts manufacturing.

· Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

· Exceptional leadership and communication abilities.

· In-depth knowledge of quality improvement methodologies and industry standards.

· Familiarity with safety protocols and accident management.

· Ability to lead and motivate teams to achieve production goals.


· 401K

· Relocation Bonus

· Insurance Coverage (Medical, Dental, and Vision)

· Paid Time Off (PTO)

To apply, email your resume to

"ECOPLASTIC AMERICA is an Equal Opportunity Employer"

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