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Paint Shop & Injection – Senior Maintenance Manager


Company: Ecoplastic America
Job Type: Permanent Full Time

⦁ Oversees the maintenance and preventive actions of equipment, including planning, providing work instructions, monitoring progress, and performing analysis.
⦁ Ensure stable operation of the facility by standardizing work processes, managing paint line conditions, and overseeing facility maintenance.
⦁ Analyze and manage the consumption of utility energy such as electricity, gas, and water.
⦁ Manage spare parts and materials to effectively manage your maintenance budget.
⦁ Improve facility efficiency through upgrades, replacements and structural modifications.
⦁ Perform analysis to identify and reduce defects in facility components.
⦁ Handles various document work, external affairs, and audit-related work according to the above tasks.
⦁ Oversee all aspects of paint shop facilities including painting equipment, paint delivery systems, electrical and utility infrastructure, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs), conveyors, various exhaust systems, bake ovens, Central Water Systems (CWS), and lighting. Supplies, inspection equipment, etc.
⦁ Analyzing the causes of equipment’s maintenance and downtime, and implementing effective countermeasures.
⦁ Managing preventive, predictive, regular, and post-preservation maintenance standards and performance of production equipment.
⦁ Overseeing the management of equipment's inspection logs on a daily, monthly, and annual basis, and analyzing major failure causes while implementing appropriate countermeasures.
⦁ Handling the entry and exit of equipment spare parts, ensuring safety inventory management, and developing strategies for dealing with discontinued parts.
⦁ Identifying and addressing the causes of equipment's failures, especially when they lead to quality issues during operations.
⦁ Implementing grade management for different facility equipment such as injection molding machines, robots, coolers, and conveyors.
⦁ Managing Facility Conservation Indicators, including MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and MTTR (Mean Time to Repair).
⦁ Keeping records of failures by specific facility equipment, such as injection molding machines, robots, coolers, and conveyors, and conducting repair history analysis.
⦁ Managing procedures and assets related to equipment purchase, improvement, disposal, and sale.
⦁ Planning and establishing standards for restarting production operations after shutdowns and managing corresponding countermeasures.
⦁ Conducting hydraulic oil quality analysis and ensuring proper oil quality and viscosity management for different facility equipment.
⦁ A Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field is preferred.
⦁ At least 5 years of experience in maintenance management, with a strong background in manufacturing or automotive parts production.
⦁ Strong Leadership and team management skills
⦁ Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
⦁ Problem-solving skills to analyze complex technical issues.
⦁ Knowledge of safety regulations and a commitment to creating a safe working environment.
⦁ 401(k)
⦁ Insurance Coverage (Medical, Vision, and Dental)
⦁ Paid Time Off (PTO)
⦁ Relocation Bonus

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SECO ECOPLASTIC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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