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Vaden Nissan in Statesboro has rebranded to Vaden Hyundai

Vaden Nissan of Statesboro is now Vaden Hyundai. Nissan customers, don't worry; you can still get your car serviced at Vaden Hyundai. Current Hyundai customers now have another local option for service as well. Read all about it here.
Vaden Nissan of Statesboro is now Vaden Hyundai

Last week, customers of Vaden Nissan noticed that the Nissan sign came down and Hyundai replaced it. They also noticed that Hyundais were beginning to replace Nissans on the car lot.

Tim Canady, GM of Vaden Hyundai Statesboro (formerly Vaden Nissan), shared his excitement about this change and about now being the closest Hyundai dealership to the new Hyundai Metaplant in Bryan County.

However, Canady cautions current Nissan owners not to worry. All former Vaden Nissan customers will see all the same faces when they return to the dealership.  They will also continue to provide service for Nissans at the dealership.

"We want to reassure all our customers the same staff is here. I have been here 12 years and lived here all my life. All the employees including management, sales, and service staff are the same," Canady said. "We are going to continue to take care of all our customers no matter what brand you drive."

Canady sees this switch as a great opportunity for the community. Between the Hyundai Metaplant and all the suppliers, there will be huge demand for Hyundai vehicles and a local place to get those vehicles serviced. In addition, current Hyundai customers will now have another option for service than the one location in Savannah owned by AutoNation.   

All Hyundai Metaplant employees and employees of Hyundai suppliers are eligible to participate in the Hyundai Circle program, which provides their employees special pricing through Hyundai. They will now be able to purchase a new Hyundai from Vaden Hyundai in Statesboro and have it serviced there as well.

"If you currently drive a Hyundai and are waiting to get your car serviced, we will take care of you in Statesboro," said Canady.  "So you don't have to wait any longer waiting for service at the one location in Savannah that is experiencing a backlog on service."

They will also be extending their SERVICE@HOME program for Hyundai customers. The program allows Vaden to conveniently pick up your vehicle from your home or office and return it to you when your service is complete for a hassle-free experience.

Sign with QR code to answer customers questions. DeWayne Grice

The Statesboro dealership has put up a huge banner with a QR code that directs customers to the Vaden Automotive website where they will find a message from Jane Vaden Thacher, President of the Vaden Automotive Group. 

Below is the message from Jane Thacher:

Thanks for reaching out to learn more about our recent change in Statesboro. I want you to know that the decision to convert to a Hyundai dealership was not only in the best interest of Vaden Automotive, but for the community-at-large given the manufacturing growth in our region.

While we are no longer a Nissan dealership in Statesboro, our commitment to Vaden customers remains steadfast.

  • Firstly, the Sales and Service teams who know you as their friend and neighbor are still working at the dealership and hope to see you soon!
  • Secondly, we are prepared to handle all your Sales and Service needs regardless of the vehicle you drive.
  • Lastly, our promise to be transparent in all the ways we communicate and do business has never wavered.

If you still have questions after reviewing the information on this page, please call the hotline number.

There is no greater mission currently than to give you all assurances that your business is important to us, and we will make every effort to keep you part of our Family...always the Vaden Way.

Vaden Nissan of Statesboro Service customers are encouraged to call the Vaden Nissan Hotline at 912-279-4260.

The website also includes a Frequently Asked Question section which covers most of the questions you may have.  

Vaden Nissan of Statesboro FAQ

If I purchased my vehicle from Vaden Nissan Statesboro, can I still have my it serviced at the dealership?

A: Absolutely! Our experienced team of factory-trained technicians still work there. Just call us or schedule an appointment online and leave the rest to us.

Will I lose my maintenance agreement now that it’s no longer a Nissan dealership?

A: Not at all! We look forward to seeing you when your next service visit is due. If you’re not sure when that is, please call the hotline and we’ll get you set up immediately.

If my vehicle is under warranty with Nissan, what happens now?

A: First, don't worry. We've got you covered! Vaden has already thought of that and has a plan underway to take care of all your warranty needs. Simply contact us if you have any issues down the road. If you want assurance now, just call the hotline and speak to a Vaden team member who will be happy to help you.

I read somewhere that I have a Powertrain warranty, but I am not really sure what that is and have concerns. Am I still covered?

A: Let’s figure this out together! First, Powertrain is best explained by simply stating it’s the combination of all the components that makes your car drive. It essentially takes the power from the engine and gives it to your tires. There are many components that play a part in this process so to find out if you are still covered, just call the hotline and tell them your vehicle VIN number. Don’t worry if you don’t have that handy. If you bought the vehicle from us (or even if you didn’t), we’ll be able to figure that out quickly. No worries!

What if I just want to stop in for quick service like an oil change or tire rotation?

A: Please do! Just because the sign on the building has changed, our reputation as VADEN hasn’t, so swing by and we’ll get you taken care of as quickly as possible. Like always, scheduling your appointment may actually save you time. Just know we’re happy to support your choice…your way.

If I need certified service for something like a recall, can I still bring my car to the dealership?

A: Indeed, you can! We'll have a designated area on the lot as a drop off zone for Nissan customers. Just park your car in that designated section and we'll handle it from there once we get you signed in. Don't forget to leave us your keys!!!

What if I want to trade my Nissan in for another Nissan?

A: Great question! Vaden Automotive has three other Nissan dealerships in our region who have plenty of new inventory. If you would prefer not to drive to Hinesville, Savannah, or Bluffton, we’ll be happy to pick you or your vehicle up if that’s what it takes. We’ll even bring you a vehicle to test drive. We’re used to helping customers from hundreds of miles away so give us a shot when you’re ready to make your next purchase.

What is the Nissan "SERVICE@HOME" program and will you still offer that in Statesboro?

A. You bet! This Nissan program allows us to conveniently pick up your vehicle from your home or office and return it to you when your service is complete for a hassle-free experience. Just call and schedule an appointment when you’re ready.