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The Fair Road Group's new development promises positive addition to Statesboro

The new development will bring rental homes and an office building to Fair Road at Benson Avenue by local developer Lisa Hodges and her family. The new office will prepare the family business for a third generation of leadership.
Land being cleared at Fair Road and Benson Drive, Below is a rendering of the first phase of the development

Grice Connect has received a lot of questions about land that is being cleared at Fair Road and Benson Drive, adjacent to the Botanic Garden at Georgia Southern.

The development is being built by The Fair Road Group, led by long time local developer Lisa Hodges, and will consist of two phases. The first phase will include an office building for the family businesses located at 3 Benson Ave.

Site being cleared on Fair Road at Benson Drive. DeWayne Grice

The office building was designed to blend seamlessly into its surrounding neighborhood, with a brick fence and landscaping designed to include trees, flowers, plants, and grass. 

The second phase of the development will consist of rental cottage homes. Plans for the rental homes are still in the design phase; however, The Fair Road Group confirms that they plan to retain the office building and the rental homes.

The rental homes will only have an ingress/egress from Georgia Avenue and will not have access from Fair Road. The Fair Road Group says that they are also working on a comprehensive, sustainable landscape design that will include trees, flowers, plants, and grass strategically placed on the site. 

Rendering of family office to be built in phase one

The Fair Road Group believes that this project will bring a positive addition to the town and will complement this stretch of Fair Road.

They understand that developing a piece of property like the Benson property is challenging, as it requires change to bring in something new. However, The Fair Road Group is excited that their children have decided to carry on the family businesses as the 3rd generation to do so.