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revalyu Resources recycling investing $50 million in new Statesboro plant

The Development Authority of Bulloch County announces that revalyu Resources, an environmentally friendly recycling company, will invest $50 million in a new facility.

The Development Authority of Bulloch County (DABC) has announced that revalyu Resources, an environmentally friendly recycling company, will invest $50 million in a new PET plastic recycling facility in Gateway Regional Park. When fully completed the site will be capable of processing more than 200 tonnes per day of used plastic bottles into high quality sustainable PET polymers.

revalyu Resources makes products from 100% post-consumer PET bottles (polyethylene terephthalate, the chemical name for polyester bottles). The company’s products can be used to produce any kind of PET products. Currently, the products are mainly used in the textile industry to produce yarns that are ultimately used in applications such as seamless knitting, weaving, denim, automotive, furnishings, technical textiles, and more.

revalyu Resources’ uses a revolutionary environmentally friendly chemical PET recycling process.

Compared to conventional PET from crude oil, the company’s process consumes 91% less energy and 67% less water, and saves around 0.7 barrels of oil and 0.20 cubic metres of landfill space by recycling every ton of PET waste.

Project Manager Cameron Barnhill represented the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s (GDEcD) Global Commerce team on this competitive project in partnership with the DABC, the Georgia Ports Authority, and Georgia Power.

According to DABC’s CEO Benjy Thompson, construction of the revalyu Resources facility will begin in March 2023. Once complete, the facility will employ 71 people. More details about the project will be available in early 2023.

revalyu Resources GmbH Today’s revalyu Resources was founded in 2007 to build and commercialize the world first breakthrough chemical full glycolysis recycling plant in Nashik, India. Dirty used PET bottles are first converted into sustainable monomers, then filtered to remove all impurities before being re-polymerized. The result is the production of a very pure sustainable PET polymer which can used to directly replace PET polymers produced from petrochemicals. At present the company sells recycled PET pellets and filament yarns to over 60 repeats customers in over 15 countries.

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