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Positive COVID-19 Case linked to Statesboro Event

An out of state guest who attended a wedding at First Baptist Church and the reception at Forest Heights Country Club, last Saturday, March 7th, has tested positive to COVID-19 .
Connected Case

An out of state guest who attended a wedding at First Baptist Church and the reception at Forest Heights Country Club, last Saturday, March 7th, has tested positive to COVID-19.  The guest tested positive for the virus several days after she returned to her home which is out of the state. Once she tested positive, required reports were made to the appropriate health authorities in an effort to keep proper officials, as well as concerned citizens, informed.

Dr. John Waters, Lead Pastor for Statesboro First Baptist Church statement

“Diligent effort has been shown to contact individuals who may have been in contact with this person while on our campus, as well as at the other community venue where the reception was held. Following the wedding, the facilities of First Baptist Church Statesboro were sanitized and disinfected thoroughly, providing a clean and safe environment for our staff and congregants.  As a congregation, our desire is to serve the Bulloch County community with peace and grace, sharing the Gospel of Jesus as we express His love through kindness, humility, and service. As we press onward through uncertain days, we will keep you informed of any information that we receive related to this and any other pertinent issue. Updated information will be posted at as it is received.”

First Baptist Church has cancelled in person services tomorrow and invite members and guests to join them online for the service.   All other activities at Statesboro First Baptist Church tomorrow and through next week, March 15 – 21, have also been cancelled. This includes all weekday preschool classes, midweek activities, Bible studies, and all musical rehearsals. The Church Office of First Baptist Statesboro will be open for regular business hours.

Trinity Christian School Cancelled Classes

David Lattner, Headmaster of Trinity Christian School also released a statement referencing this wedding as a reason to close the school through March 27th.  In the statement shared on social media, Mr. Lattner explained that  because people connected with Trinity Christian School were in attendance at the wedding and reception, this increases the possibility of more positive cases in Statesboro.

Local Cases Expected

National, State and Local officials have been preparing for active cases.  As has been said by Governor Kemp and others, it is not a matter of if, but when most communities will experience a positive case.  That is why they are taking drastic measures to tap down the rapid spread of this virus.  Currently Georgia is only processing 100 tests per day.  Once tested, it takes 48 hours to get results.  Even if you test positive, unless you are critical, most people who contract the virus will be treated at home with over the counter medications, since there is no cure or treatment.

If you believe you have come in contact with this individual or any individual who was positive or you have symptoms of the virus, you are encouraged to contact your physician.

If symptomatic, self isolate yourself, treat symptoms and contact your physician.  Do not go to the Emergency Room unless you feel your symptoms are severe, including respiratory distress.

Click Here and Follow these instructions to prevent COVID-19 infection