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South Georgia Tormenta FC Head Coach Speaks to Media Before Second Round of US Open Cup

South Georgia Tormenta FC hosts the Savannah Clovers in the Second Round of the US Open Cup at Tormenta Stadium on Wednesday, April 2 at 7:00 p.m.

Statesboro- South Georgia Tormenta FC Head Coach, Ian Cameron, spoke with the media in a press conference at the Clubhouse on Tuesday morning. On Wednesday, April 2 Tormenta FC takes on the Savannah Clovers at Tormenta Stadium in the second round US Open Cup. 

The matchup between Tormenta FC and the Savannah Clovers will be the first time that the two teams compete on the pitch. Cameron talked about how good it is to have two organizations in the same region. "We want that rivalry between fanbases," Cameron said. "Six years ago to say that there would be two pro clubs in the south Georgia region, people would have laughed at you." 

Tormenta FC is coming off a 1-0 loss to Knoxville FC on Saturday, They have a quick turnaround to prepare for Wednesday night's game against the Clovers. "You have a game on a Saturday, get to recover play a game on a Wednesday, then recover to play a game on a Saturday," Cameron said. "That's what we are in this business to do, so the more games the better." 

Cameron believes that the key to advancing to the next round of the US Open Cup is to double down on their identity and continue to polish up on some things. He felt like his team needs to rebound from the loss on Saturday night and is excited to see how his team plays in their next game. With most of the players of Tormenta FC not being native to the Georgia area, the pressure falls on the front office when it comes to competing with another local team. "I think we are the ones that feel the sense of responsibilty to our fanbase," Cameron. "We feel the sense of opportunity to present Tormenta in the greater community because there might be some fans of Savannah Clovers or fans of soccer that come through and have a reason to come and see their first game."

Cameron said the players don't need anymore motivation to be ready for the game. Wednesday's game is a Cup match and it is 'Win or Go Home'. "There's a lot to play for, there is jeopardy", Cameron said. "A game without jeopardy is boring, a game with jeopardy, bring it on."