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Statesboro celebrates generous donation from Georgia Police Foundation to SPD Officer Joey DeLoach

During a touching ceremony held at the Statesboro Police Department headquarters, JD Clockadale, founder of the Georgia Police Foundation, proudly revealed a landmark donation to support local SPD Officer Joey DeLoach. The event served as a poignant reminder of the foundation's commitment to aiding officers like DeLoach and fostering community support for law enforcement across Georgia.
L-R: Aubrey DeLoach, Brittany DeLoach, Addy DeLoach, Joey DeLoach and JD Clockadale

In a gracious ceremony at the Statesboro Police Department headquarters, JD Clockadale, founder of the Georgia Police Foundation, announced a landmark donation to support local law enforcement. Officer Joey DeLoach, who was recently injured in the line of duty, received a $2,500 donation from the foundation, marking its first-ever financial contribution since its inception in February 2024.

Clockadale expressed his enthusiasm for supporting Georgia's law enforcement community. "We’re excited to be here to support Officer DeLoach and hopefully inspire other citizens to show their support for law enforcement in Georgia," he said. “This donation is the first of many we hope to make, and it’s a small token of our appreciation for the sacrifices made by officers like Joey every day.”

The Georgia Police Foundation was established with three primary goals: to ease the financial and emotional burdens of police officers, improve their personal and professional lives, and assist officers facing tragic situations, whether at home or at work. Additionally, the foundation aims to provide scholarships and tuition assistance for officers and their immediate families, supporting both personal education and career advancement within the law enforcement profession.

During the interview, Clockadale elaborated on his motivations for creating a statewide organization. "Over the past seven years, we’ve donated $480,000 through our local foundation in Brookhaven and Atlanta. We realized there were serious gaps in support for officers throughout the state, so we decided to expand our model to provide assistance where it’s needed most," he explained.

Clockadale emphasized that while there are several excellent local organizations, such as the 200 Club in Savannah and the Statesboro Police Foundation, there are still many areas in Georgia where police officers lack adequate support. "Some of us on the local foundation board decided to take our successful model and spread it throughout the entire state. We want to complement and supplement existing organizations and fill gaps in areas where there’s little to no support for officers in need," he added.

Officer DeLoach expressed his deep gratitude for the donation, noting that it would significantly aid in his recovery process. "This will help us in the long run and take some burdens off me," DeLoach said. He also acknowledged the overwhelming support from the community, stating, "I really want to appreciate the community coming together and showing how much they care for law enforcement in the area and the amount of help they have provided to my family."

Statesboro Police Chief Mike Broadhead also spoke on the significance of community and state support, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of various agencies in times of crisis. "From the governor to the mayor, and all the heads of state agencies and State Patrol, the outpouring of support for Joey has been incredible," Broadhead said. "The fact that we can come together so seamlessly in times of crisis speaks volumes about our community and state’s commitment to supporting law enforcement."

Broadhead highlighted the emotional toll such incidents take on the police force. "When one of your teammates gets hurt, particularly when you’re in command, it affects you on an emotional level. I pray for these guys every day for their safety. Joey’s recovery is a testament to the strength and resilience of our officers, and the support from the community has been a crucial part of that process," he said.

Clockadale encouraged citizens to proactively support their local officers, whether through the foundation or other means. "Go support them in small and large ways and be proactive," he urged. "Even simple gestures like buying an officer breakfast or giving them a pat on the back can make a big difference. We need to be proactive in helping our officers because they often don’t ask for help themselves."

For those interested in getting involved with the Georgia Police Foundation, Clockadale provided contact information and the foundation’s website,, as resources for donations and further support. "I actually like to give my cell phone number out for these purposes. My name is JD Clockadale and my cell is 404-596-1492. I want officers to know that we exist and we thank the media for helping us get the word out," he said.

The event underscored the strong sense of community and gratitude felt by local law enforcement and highlighted the positive impact of statewide initiatives like the Georgia Police Foundation. With this inaugural donation, the foundation aims to set a precedent for ongoing support and collaboration, ensuring that officers across Georgia have the resources they need in times of crisis and beyond.

As the ceremony concluded, the sense of unity and collective effort was palpable. Officer DeLoach, Chief Broadhead, and JD Clockadale stood together, representing the interconnected web of support that defines the law enforcement community in Georgia. The Georgia Police Foundation’s contribution not only provides immediate relief for Officer DeLoach but also serves as a beacon of hope and solidarity for officers statewide.