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Positive Behavior Supports now offering Autism (ABA) Therapy in Statesboro

PBS provides ABA in the home, school, or community to provide the supports for the individual and family in the settings where behaviors and skill deficits are occurring, rather than working from a centralized brick and mortar location.

Positive Behavior Supports Corporation (PBS Corp.), an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) company that has been providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities for over 15 years and is recognized as one of the largest ABA providers in the country, is excited to announce the expansion of its ABA therapy services to Statesboro, GA, and the surrounding areas.

PBS offers ABA in the home, school, or community to provide support for the individual and family in the settings where behaviors and skill deficits are occurring, rather than working from a centralized brick and mortar location.

“We are proud to bring home, school and community-based ABA services to Statesboro and the surrounding areas," Corinne Shalavuta, M.Ed., BCBA, PBS Regional Coordinator for Coastal Georgia, said. "As a BCBA, Bulloch county resident, and double Eagle, providing services to this community is near and dear to my heart. We do not currently have a wait list for services in this area and will provide services in any setting where they are deemed medically necessary -- home, school, and community."

PBS Corp. is an agency committed to the principles of Positive Behavior Support, an approach based on principles of applied behavior analysis or “ABA,” to improve not only behavior, but also quality of life for the individuals it serves, their families, and others who support them. 

After an autism diagnosis, PBS Corp. is there to help walk your family through the next steps. PBS provides individualized ABA Therapy for those with autism and related disabilities -- both children and adults -- to assist with decreasing challenging behaviors and increasing appropriate behaviors and skills that will allow the individual to reach their full potential.

PBS aims to increase the quality of life of the individuals and families served by providing individualized treatment planning, family training, and direct therapy. All services are considered medically necessary for those diagnosed with autism(and some other developmental disabilities, and therefore, are covered by most medical insurance carriers.

"One thing that I love about providing services with PBS, and something that makes us unique in this community, is the focus on quality of life improvements," Shalavuta shared. "We start every individual’s services with an assessment on specific categories found to impact quality of life and measure outcomes throughout our treatment. An important aspect of ABA as a field is ensuring that treatment is functional for the individual and the family so that the improvements and targets truly impact the day to day livelihood of those receiving services. With the quality of life improvements at the forefront of our company mission and vision, PBS embraces this principle of ABA from the very beginning and continues to monitor it throughout the treatment period. “

Highly trained therapists are now available to provide services in Statesboro with no waitlist. You can fill out an application on the PBS website. Please be ready with basic demographic information for the parent/caregiver and the individual who will receive the services. You’ll be asked to upload pictures of your funding source card (front and back) and provide any diagnostic reports verifying a qualifying diagnosis. Those interested in services should verify eligibility with their insurance carrier, as well.

The PBS team is equipped to work with your funding source to minimize out of pocket expenses (if applicable). Shalavuta can be reached at [email protected] to answer any questions or provide support through the application process, as well.

For more information on PBS, please visit their website at