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Explore our wetlands with upcoming summer fun at the Kennedy Pond Conservancy

Kennedy Pond Conservancy has lots of summer fun in store for nature lovers of all ages. From EdVenture workshops to camps, the KPC will have you learning at your leisure in the upcoming months.

The Kennedy Pond Conservancy, located at 6770 GA Highway 46 in Statesboro, is a spring-fed Carolina bay wetland that was logged and dammed during the last century in an attempt to create an open-water lake and leisure community. The Conservancy's goal is to ensure the long-term ecological health and function of this 300-acre wetland, as well as assess its overall contribution to regional biodiversity.

They aim to accomplish this goal through restoration, scientific research, education, and community enrichment. Check out these upcoming summer events at the Carolina bay.

Next Month's EdVenture Workshop: June 8

Head out to the conservancy on the second Saturday of each month for their EdVenture Workshop Series, which includes guest speakers, activities for all ages, and nature walks. Come learn and grow! On June 8, 2024, guest speaker Amy Schuler with Coastal Wild Scapes will enlighten the audience on "Planting Natives in Your Garden to Support Wildlife."  

Discover the importance of planting native species to create vibrant habitats for pollinators like bees and butterflies. Learn how these plants contribute to biodiversity, support local ecosystems, and enhance the beauty of your garden.  This promises to be an inspiring session and let's make a positive impact on the environment together!  

Donations for the Kennedy Pond Conservancy will be graciously accepted.


Critter Camp: July 22-26

Welcome to Critter Camp—a wild and wonderful summer day camp adventure for elementary-aged nature enthusiasts! 

Join KPC from 8:00am to 4:00pm daily for a summer of exploration, creativity, and connection with nature. The cost is $250/child for the week. get ready to dive into the fun and discover the magic of wetlands with Critter Camp!

At Critter Camp, kids will explore the fascinating world of pond life, wetland habitats, and the amazing critters that call these places home. From frogs and turtles to dragonflies and birds, every day will be filled with exciting discoveries and hands-on activities.

Campers will embark on nature expeditions to observe pond ecosystems, identify native plants, and learn about the unique creatures that thrive in wetland environments. Guided by experienced counselors, they'll uncover the secrets of glass lizards, indigo snakes, and other rare species that inhabit our natural landscapes.


But the fun doesn't stop there! Critter Camp is all about engaging with nature through creative games and educational adventures. Campers will enjoy activities like Nature Bingo, Pond Water Exploration with microscopes, and Pond Life Scavenger Hunts to discover hidden treasures around our wetlands.

Imagine crafting bird feeders, building fairy houses, and painting rocks with colorful designs—all while surrounded by the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. With Nature Olympics, Nature Journals, and even a Nature Relay Race featuring plant identification and animal tracking challenges, every day promises new excitement and learning opportunities.

As part of our commitment to conservation, campers will also participate in activities like trash clean-up and planting native species to enhance our wetland ecosystem. Through hands-on projects and engaging discussions, they'll gain a deeper appreciation for nature and learn how to protect our environment.

Sign up for Critter Camp for a summer of exploration, creativity, and connection with the natural world. Dive into the fun and discover the magic of wetlands! 

Donate to the Kennedy Pond Conservancy

KPC relies on community support to keep these wonderful programs going strong. Donations help KPC to continue making a positive impact. The goal is to shape a brighter future together!  

For more information on donating to the cause, please visit For more information on upcoming events, check out the events calendar here.