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Early voting in Newkirk-Stringer runoff begins Monday, June 10

A runoff election for County Commission Seat 2C will take place in Bulloch County on Tuesday, June 18, 2024. Early voting will begin Monday, June 10 and will run until Friday, June 14.
Nick Newkirk (L) and Jappy Stringer (R)

A runoff election for County Commission Seat 2C will take place in Bulloch County on Tuesday, June 18, 2024.

Early voting will begin Monday, June 10 and will run until Friday, June 14. Early voting will take place at the North Main Annex (113 North Main St., Statesboro) from 8am-5pm each day.

In the local election in May, Nick Newkirk (R) received 3,163 votes, and Jappy Stringer (R, Incumbent) received 2,704. Challenger Brian Pfund had 866 votes. This put Newkirk and Stringer into a runoff for Seat 2C. The winner of the runoff will run against Len Fatica (D) on November 4, 2024.

Who CAN vote in the runoff:

  • Voters who voted on a Republican ballot in May and are registered in County Commission District 2
  • Voters who voted on a Nonpartisan ballot in May are registered in County Commission District 2
  • Voters who did not vote in May are are registered in County Commission District 2

Who CANNOT vote in the runoff:

  • Voters who voted on a Democratic ballot in May 
  • Voters who are registered in County Commission District 1

You can see a map of districts 1 and 2 HERE.

Candidates in Runoff for Board of Commissioners Seat 2C

Nick Newkirk (R) (Challenger)

Nick Newkirk

BIO: Nick Newkirk, a graduate of Effingham High in 1998 and Southern Tech in Marietta in 2002 with a degree in Construction Management, has over a decade of experience in utility contracting and land development. He opened Crazy Nick's Inflatables in 2009 and has several other small businesses. He and his wife, April, have been married for 20 years, they have four sons (17, 15, 9, and 4). Newkirk has served extensively in children's ministry and scouting, he volunteered for hurricane relief efforts, including Hurricane Ian in Florida, and coached various youth sports teams. He and his family have been in Bulloch County for over 20 years.

PRIORITIES: Newkirk advocates for lowering taxes without relying on increasing the tax digest. He believes a thorough review of each department is necessary to identify areas for potential budget reductions. Living within our means is essential, prioritizing spending based on necessities. Distinguishing between critical projects and those that can be deferred is vital. Simply raising taxes and increasing spending is not a sustainable solution in the long run.

Improving our road infrastructure is a priority for our county. Our current roads struggle to accommodate existing traffic, let alone the increasing volume we can expect with new developments and industry. Many major roads are prone to flooding during heavy rain, leading to dangerous driving conditions. Bulloch County's identity is deeply rooted in its farming heritage. Newkirk believes that preserving that heritage is crucial. He believes that we must actively support farmers to prevent the escalating costs and taxes of farmland from forcing them to sell. Our focus should be on maintaining active agriculture, safeguarding against the conversion of farmland into subdivisions and warehouses. We need to keep tractors in the fields.

Jappy Stringer (R) (Incumbent)

Jappy Stringer

BIO: Jappy Stringer, born and raised in Bulloch County, is deeply rooted in his community. He attended Georgia Southern University and is an alumni of Sigma Chi fraternity. After college, Jappy began working at his family's business, Stringer Chevron, a full-service gas station and mechanic shop founded by his father. He and his wife Emily managed it for over 30 years. A committed volunteer, Jappy contributed significantly to Bulloch County 4-H, Statesboro Fire Department, and the local EMS Rescue Team for three decades. Married for 40 years, he has a son, a daughter and son in law, two grandchildren, and a loyal German Shepherd, Shadow. Jappy also holds positions on the boards of Ogeechee Area Hospice and the Bulloch County Airport Committee. He is a member of First Baptist Church and the Searchers Sunday school class. 

PRIORITIES: I am committed to enhancing Bulloch County's Fire and EMS services to better meet our growing community's needs and will continue supporting the Sheriff’s and Public Safety Departments. Although we've made significant progress in extending these services to rural areas, more work remains. Funding strategies is paramount to relieve property owners from bearing the full financial burden. Managing the ongoing growth in housing and economic development is crucial. We we all know, it’s important to balance expansion with the preservation of our rural setting for the benefit of our community and future generations.

Election Day Voting

The official runoff election will occur at your voting precinct on Tuesday, June 18, from 7:00am to 7:00pm. 

How to Check Your Voter Registration, View Ballot, Find Polling Location

CLICK HERE to verify you are registered to vote and to view your ballot. You will enter your first initial, last name, county name, and date of birth. It will then verify you are an active voter and show you the location of your voting precinct. You can also view your sample ballot.

For more information, contact the Bulloch County Elections office at 912-764-6502.