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DocuDNA helps prevent document fraud

DocuDNA has developed patented technology that can prevent you from becoming a victim of document fraud. Read on to learn how Doug Cobb used his decades of experience in investigation and analysis of forged and altered documents to help protect people's assets.
Andrew Cobb (L) with Doug Cobb (R) examining documents for authenticity.

Every year Americans lose billions of dollars due to fraudulent and altered documents. DocuDNA has developed patented technology that can prevent you from becoming a victim of document fraud.

In 2016, after years of assisting attorneys with cases involving disputed documents, Doug Cobb of Richmond Hill, GA founded Paper Forensics to provide forensic document examinations and to educate document examiners about the technical aspects of paper and printing.

With Cobb's background in paper science and engineering, he understands “the science of paper” and applies his experience and expertise toward the resolution of conflicts involving altered documents including wills, trusts, checks, contracts, deeds, mortgage documents, and much more.

Doug Cobb DocuDNA founder
Doug Cobb, founder of DocuDNA

Cobb specializes in the investigation and analysis of forged or altered documents, specifically where there is a suspicion that sections were inserted, modified or copy and pasted from other sources.

In 2022, Cobb expanded the firm with the addition of Statesboro resident and Georgia Southern graduate Andrew Cobb. Together, they provide forensic document examinations, technical investigations, analysis, reports and testimony toward resolution and litigation related to disputed documents for individuals, small and large businesses, and law firms.

After seeing the amount of fraud committed by people altering documents, Cobb realized there must be a better way to protect legal documents and peoples’ assets. So, using his 30 years of paper manufacturing and forensics background, he developed and founded DocuDNA.

DocuDNA’s patented Page-Lock Technology ensures that everything from contracts to wills and trusts can be protected from fraud through next-generation encryption and military-grade storage. Page-Lock works by embedding encrypted DNA codes into your document, protecting it from alteration. DocuDNA allows for the ability to verify and authenticate whether each page is the original, or if it has been altered.

DocuDNA’s proprietary technology helps individuals and organizations make sure their most important documents are free of manipulation and doubt. DocuDNA truly is the “Science of Document Integrity.” 

Visit DocuDNA at or call 912-432-3832 to learn more.