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City Council approves more new homes in Tuesday's meeting

City Council cleared the way for 196 new town homes to be built in the City during their meeting on Tuesday evening. Click on the picture to read about all City business covered.
Statesboro City Council

Statesboro City Council cleared the way for 196 new homes in the City at their regular bi-monthly meeting on Tuesday evening, February 20, 2024.

Mayor Jonathan McCollar opened the meeting with a presentation by Richard Deal with Lanier, Deal, and Proctor on how the City financially ended Fiscal Year 2023.

The City of Statesboro is required to have an independent financial audit at the end of each Fiscal Year. Deal spoke briefly on the finances of the Fiscal year of 2023, which he presented fully in today’s work session. There were no further questions for the council.

Continue reading to review all business covered at the meeting.

4. Public Comments (Agenda Item):

There were no public comments

5. Consent Agenda

APPROVED A) Approval of Minutes

    a) 02-06-2024 Council Minutes

APPROVED B) Consideration of a motion to approve the City of Statesboro Fiscal Year 2023 audit.

Public Hearing

APPROVED with staff/planning recommendations 6. Public Hearing and Consideration of a Motion to Approve: APPLICATION RZ 24-01- 01: Blue River Development LLC, requests a Zoning Map Amendment from the R-40 (Single-Family Residential) to the R-4 (High-Density Residential) zoning district of approximately 39.98 acres of property in order to develop a 196 unit duplex/town home development on the Southern quadrant of Old Register Road.


The council moved to a public hearing on this issue where Kathy Fields, City Planner, described the parcel in question. This area is prepared for development and the staff recommends approval with conditions.

Darin Van Tassel spoke in favor of approval.

Mayor Pro-Tem Shari Barr inquired about the higher density nature of the proposed duplex.

Fields described the homes as three stories, including a garage. 

Joey Maxwell, with Maxell, Reddick and associates, could not answer Council member Paulete Chavers' inquiry about price points for the future complex.

Conditions included:

(1) Approval of this Zoning Map Amendment does not grant the right to develop on the site without approval. All construction must be approved by the City.

(2) Due to the proposed density, a traffic impact analysis will be required before issuance of a Land Disturbance Permit to identify any potential traffic calming measures.

(3) The developer must install sidewalks on Old Register Road in accordance with Chapter 3: Section 3.2.3 (U) of the Unified Development Code.

APPROVED 7. Public Hearing and Consideration of a Motion to Approve: APPLICATION CUV 24- 01-02: Niki H Grant requests a Conditional Use Variance in the R-15 (Single-Family Residential) zoning district in order to allow for Institutional Residential uses, specifically a personal care home at 402 Marvin Avenue.


Fields notes that there is precedence for land use in the manner of the proposed zoning requests. The staff does recommend approval under these conditions:

​​(1) Approval of the conditional use variance does not grant the right to conduct renovations to the facility. All renovations must be completed through the

building permit application process.

(2) This conditional use does not grant the rights associated with all institutional residential uses, but primarily grants the right to utilize the property as a

personal care home.

(3) This conditional use does not remove the associated rights and conditions as granted by CUV 18-01-01.

Nickie Grant and Alex Smith spoke in favor.

The council asked if there were any previous objections. Smith referred to a neighbor formerly opposing who complained about business moving into this area. This neighbor was not present at today's meeting.

APPROVED 8. Public Hearing and Consideration of a Motion to Approve: APPLICATION SE 24-01- 03: Ginny Hendley Requests a Special Exception in the O (Office & Business) zoning district in order to open a retail thrift shop at 217 Savannah Avenue.



Council woman Ginny Hendley was the applicant for this special exemption. She recused herself for this vote. The staff recommended approval of the request with staff approval with these conditions:

(1) Approval of the special exception may only allow for the addition of “other retail establishments” as per Section 2.3.2L Comprehensive Tables of the Statesboro Unified Development Code.

(2) No additional development may take place on the property without approval.

Attorney Chris GoHagan spoke in favor of the approval of the request that would allow for a retail thrift shop to open in this lot.

“It has two purposes which is to serve its customers and serve this community,” said Hagen. He says this retail operation would be beneficial and useful to the currently vacant “I think the public impact and benefit on our community will grow,” said GoHagan

Barr spoke in favor of the approval, citing other businesses in the immediate area.

REMOVED FROM AGENDA 9. Public Hearing and Consideration of a Motion to Approve: APPLICATION RZ 24-01- 04: AMCS Development, LLC requests a Zoning Map Amendment from the R-6 (SingleFamily Residential) zoning district to the R-4 (High-Density Residential) zoning district on approximately 19.49 acres of property in order to develop a 192 unit multifamily apartment complex utilizing Low Income Housing Tax Credits on Mathews Road.


APPROVED 10. Consideration of a Motion to Approve Resolution 2024-03: A Resolution Approving Award of Contract to Coastal Regional Commission for Grant Administration Services for the 2024 Community Development Block Grant.

In order to apply for grant funding, Staff solicited a Request for Qualifications for grant administration in accordance with the guidelines and regulations set forth by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.  Due to lack of competitive bids on both January 23, 2024 and February 14, 2024, Staff recommends the contract services of the Coastal Regional Commission, which are not required to adhere to the bid procedures as outlined by DCA.

City Manager Charles Penny spoke in favor of the resolution, related to the proposed Whitesville park project.

APPROVED  11. Consideration of a motion to approve Resolution 2024-04: A Resolution to award a contract to Cranston LLC to provide engineering services for the 2024 Community Development Block Grant.

At the January 16, 2024 meeting city council approved staff to apply for an FY2024 Community Development Block Grant.  Following that meeting staff solicited a Request for Qualifications for professional engineering services in accordance with the guidelines and regulations set forth by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.  Following receipt of three submittals on January 23, 2024, a City evaluation committee reviewed and evaluated proposals received and have selected Cranston LLC for recommendation of award.  Cranston has successfully performed engineering services for CDBG and other grant projects. In 2022, the City was granted control of the Whitesville Park adjacent to Whitesville Full Gospel Church. As a newly established City Park, staff recommends the application of a multi-activity grant for improvements to the existing park, adjacent roadway Raymond Street Extension, and stormwater system that are needed in the area. Cranston is familiar with the needs in the area and has prepared to develop plan(s) for park improvements.  

Budget Impact: The following funding sources will be listed in the grant application: $200,000 from ARPA funds and $300,000 from TSPLOST. 

Penny also spoke in favor of this resolution on behalf of the proposed Whiteville park project

APPROVED 12. Consideration of a motion to approve proposed Task Order #8 in the amount of $198,655.00 with Goodwyn, Mills, and Cawood (GMC), as part of their Stormwater Masterplanning Professional Services Agreement, for professional services related to a flood control project in Northlake subdivision. The project will be paid from 2013 SPLOST funds.

Task Order 8 includes field survey, engineering design, downstream design impact analysis, and preparation of continuous monitoring and adaptive control system (CMAC) specifications.  

As part of the original Stormwater Master Planning Professional Services Agreement approved by City Council on August 16, 2016, staff negotiated a contract with GMC in October 2022 to design solutions to the Lake Sal drainage improvement project. This project proposes to eliminate the ongoing flooding at the inlet and around the emergency overflow of Lake Sal.   Task Order #8 is the design and preparation of construction documents proposed to mitigate flooding for the area from the conceptual solution in Task Order #6. After completion of Task Order #8, the City will have the option to utilize the consultant, GMC, for CMAC installation project management and/or construction project management.  

Budget Impact:   The cost for Task Order #8, ($198,655.00) is within the budget for STM-36 Lake Sal Drainage Improvement CIP.  The project is to be paid through 2013 SPLOST funds. 

13. Other Business from City Council

Council member Chavers stated that her recent trip representing the City with Habitat for Humanity to Washington DC has sparked great motivation for her to help the city pursue affordable housing.

Mayor Pro Tem Barr gave congratulations to Keep Statesboro and Bulloch Beautiful and Public Works for receiving the Governors circle recognition regarding community greening and litter reduction.

Councilman John Riggs wished the state of Georgia and city of Statesboro a Happy Birthday for the month of February.

Mayor McCollar invites the public to attend the State of the City speech next week.

14. City Managers Comments

The EPD will be at Southeast Bulloch High School at 6-9 p.m. Monday, Feb. 26 to give a presentation about the impact of water wells regarding the Hyundai Metaplant, after concerns have risen about water use.

“This is an opportunity to hear from experts,” said Penny, encouraging anyone with questions to attend the meeting.

Penny says that Statesboro has experienced extremely low income, and the Hyundai Metaplant is going to offer opportunity for growth and to view the project with a positive outlook.

According to the Mayor, Statesboro’s 2018 poverty rate was 53% and is now 41%, so while we are the fourth poorest city, we have made great strides.

“We have to be very optimistic to see that a community is growing that fast,” said Mayor McCollar, “Statesboro hold your head up.”

Penny extended appreciation to Tom Couch and his staff for the detailed economic data about the Statesboro community.

Penny says that the outdoor concert series will be expanded to eight events this year and the dates are as follows:.

  • April 18: The Tams
  • May 2: Papa Sol
  • May 30: Liquid Pleasure
  • June 13: Dukes of Country
  • June 27: Swingin Medallions
  • July 11: The Maxx Band
  • August 8: Fantasy Band
  • September 12: Cole Goodwin

The Mayor thanked the council and gave special thanks to the woman on the council for the innovative leadership.

Barr asks that staff come back to the council with recommendations about what the city can do about improving and increasing low income housing.

15. Public Comments (General)

Annie Bellinger addressed the council about discrepancies in her water bill.

Leo Sabel expressed appreciation for the live concert series. He expressed concern for the density of population coming to Matthews Road and asked if there has been a study on the use of this road. 

Robert Brown expressed concern for the traffic for the safety of children and pedestrians. He says he enjoys the calmness of the neighborhood and the increase in semi trucks and traffic he has already seen in the area. He expressed concern about crime rate and property value with the introduction of different kinds of housing development.

Executive Session

After a brief Executive Session no action was taken

CLICK HERE to review the agenda and supporting documents.

Live Stream of the meeting