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Bulloch County Board of Education members discuss budget, plan for vote

Budget discussions continued at the Bulloch County Board of Education work session last week. The draft budget will go up for tentative approval on June 6.

The Bulloch County Board of Education held a work session on Thursday, May 30, 2024 to continue discussion of the proposed $159.5 mill general operating fund budget.  

The Board began discussing a proposed budget on April 25 and is scheduled to vote on a final budget at the June 27 meeting. The school district is required to have an approved budget in place by June 30 or adopt a spending resolution for July. 

Superintendent Charles Wilson began the meeting with continued discussion surrounding the FY25 Budget. The budget will go for tentative approval at the next meeting on June 6, 2024. 

Summary of General Fund Revenues

There has been no changes in regard to taxes, but there was a $900,000 adjustment made by the state. According to Chief Financial Officer Alison Boatright, this error was made on the state's part and adjustments have been made. 

The only adjustment to the budget really comes from salaries. There was a light discussion around the possibility of cutting other areas to offset salary increases.

Superintendent Charles Wilson mentioned that the board can consider cutting other areas, but also must think about the unintended consequences of cutting certain items. Every decision has to be sustainable long term. 

Board Member Donna Clifton mentioned that she is happy with the budget, and she hopes they are able to provide more employee raises or bonuses in the future. 

The Draft Budget will go to members for tentative approval on June 6, 2024. The Board voted to move into Executive Session around 7:30pm to discuss appointments, employment compensation, and hiring. 

NO NEW BUSINESS for approval.


They returned from Executive Session at 8:39pm.

No further business was discussed at this time. The meeting was adjourned by a vote just after 8:40pm.

Budget presentations and videos of all meetings are available at

Click here to view the live stream of meetings.