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GALLERY | SPD Officer Joey DeLoach received a hero's welcome at Feed the Boro

Volunteers at the Feed the Boro food drop received a visit from a community hero, SPD Officer Joey DeLoach, who is recovering from injuries suffered in the line of duty. Officer DeLoach received a deserved hero's welcome at the food drop which he normally helps with each month.

Feed the Boro volunteers gave recovering SPD Officer Joey DeLoach a hero's welcome at the Saturday morning, May 4, 2024 Food Drop at Statesboro High School.  

The food drop was dedicated to Officer DeLoach who is a constant presence at the monthly food drops.  Officer DeLoach and a few of his fellow officers come in on their day off to assist with traffic and crowd control at the monthly drops.

Don Poe, Chair of Feed the Boro and a former police officer himself wanted to do something special to honor Officer DeLoach after he was severely injured in the line of duty on April 16, 2024.

Banner of Officer Joey DeLoach at the food drop. DeWayne Grice

Poe had banners printed featuring Officer DeLoach that were hung during the week at Food Lion and were displayed at the drop.  Foundry Broadcasting did a live broadcast from the drop and posters were distributed for volunteers to sign.

L-R: Travis Bilger, Bryan Steele and Madelyn Meeks. DeWayne Grice

The biggest surprise of the morning was when Officer DeLoach walked, unassisted into the SHS parking lot along with his wife Brittany and youngest daughter.  Poe and Feed the Boro volunteers presented Officer Deloach with the signed poster, a Food Lion gift card and food from the drop for his family.

Tod Marsh with Officer DeLoach. DeWayne Grice

Officer DeLoach is pleased with his progress but admits he has a long road of recovery ahead, but he is looking forward to getting back to work and helping with future food drops.

Officer DeLoach thanked the community and even strangers who have prayed for him and has family and contributed to the SPD Police Foundation or the Go Fund Me set up to assist them during his time of recovery.   He expressed how humbling it has all been, especially the love and respect from the community for him and SPD. 

Citizens in Statesboro and Bulloch County really have "Backed the Blue" when he needs it most.

Click here to contribute to their Go Fund Me and Click Here to give through the Statesboro Police Foundation.

Over 1,000 families provide food

Drizzling rain did not damping the enthusiasm of the volunteers at Saturday morning's food drop.  Over 1,000 families were provided food thanks to the drop.  SHS Principal Keith Wright, SHS Athletic Director Liz Driggers and SHS Head Football Coach Matt Dobson volunteered at the food drop along with members fo the SHS football team.

Members of the NAACP, Bulloch Academy students and staff along with the Damacus Men assisted with the drop as well.

The next food drop is scheduled for June 1, 2024 at Statesboro High School.