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Bulloch Solutions Telephone Cooperative celebrates successful year at annual meeting

Exciting news from Bulloch Telephone Cooperative's Annual Meeting! CEO John Scott shared major achievements from 2023, including enhanced broadband services, cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology, and significant member benefits like the world's fastest internet. The cooperative is committed to ensuring top-notch service for all members.
John Scott, CEO Bulloch Solutions Telephone Cooperative speaking to members

Bulloch Solutions Telephone Cooperative held its annual meeting on May 23, 2024, highlighting the cooperative’s achievements over the past year and laying out future plans. CEO John Scott delivered his annual speech, emphasizing the unique benefits of cooperative membership and the organization's commitment to technological advancement and member satisfaction.

Scott began by thanking members for their attendance, underscoring the importance of member participation in the cooperative.

“Being a member means you have a voice in what happens in this company,” Scott noted, highlighting the democratic nature of the cooperative.

A significant highlight of the meeting was the discussion on Capital Credit retirement checks, which many members have received. Scott praised the accounting and billing departments for managing the complex task of processing over 14,000 checks, a testament to the cooperative's dedication to its members.

“It’s not just about providing great service, but also about giving back to our members,” Scott stated.

The cooperative has made strides in enhancing its core services, focusing on broadband. Last year, Bulloch Telephone made the difficult decision to discontinue traditional video services, allowing it to concentrate on expanding and improving broadband services. This strategic move was driven by changing consumer behaviors, with many members opting for streaming services over traditional television.

Scott proudly announced the successful upgrade to the latest generation of fiber-delivered platforms, reaching over 12,000 locations. This project, completed within a year, significantly increased the cooperative's network capacity, enhancing data transport capabilities from 40 gigabits to 400 gigabits.

This upgrade ensures that every customer has access to high-speed internet, aligning with the cooperative’s goal of providing “world’s fastest internet” packages.  With internet packages beginning at 1 gig and going up to 8 gig, they are providing literally the fastest residential internet speeds in the world.

In addition to hardware upgrades, Bulloch Telephone has integrated advanced software services to enhance network security. These services protect against cyber threats, blocking thousands of viruses and malicious attempts monthly, thereby ensuring a safer online experience for members.

Scott also introduced new Wi-Fi 6E meshing devices, designed to eliminate weak Wi-Fi signals within homes. This technology promises a robust and seamless internet experience from every corner of a house, addressing one of the primary concerns of members.

Looking forward, Scott touched on upcoming technologies like Wi-Fi 7 and reinforced the cooperative’s commitment to staying ahead of technological advancements. He encouraged members to challenge the cooperative’s offerings, assuring them of top-notch service and support.

The meeting concluded with Scott reiterating the cooperative's readiness for future growth and change. He shared statistics reflecting the cooperative's growth, with 10,933 members by the end of 2023. Notably, broadband has become the core business, with 96% of members having broadband service.

In closing, Scott affirmed Bulloch Telephone Cooperative’s dedication to providing high-quality services and maintaining a flexible, scalable network to adapt to future needs. Members left the meeting with a clear sense of the cooperative’s accomplishments and its vision for the future.