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An easier way to vacay: Dream Vacations with Statesboro's Kaye House

Take the stress out of planning a vacation with the help of Statesboro's Certified Travel Associate Kaye House. Kaye, an avid traveler herself, loves helping making travel dreams come true. Reach out to her before you book your next cruise or vacation and see the difference she will make for you. Best yet, if you book through her it cost you nothing for her services.
Statesboro's travel advisor Kaye House on the right vacationing in London, England.

Planning a vacation can take a lot of time and energy. You’ve always wanted to visit London, but where in London do you want to stay and how will you get there? What are the can’t-miss arts and culture excursions you need to book? What about the authentic restaurants or fascinating sight-seeing tours through the town?

With a busy schedule, you barely have time to look forward to your big trip, let alone spend hours researching, booking, and sifting through every minor detail so that your travels run smoothly. What you really need is a travel advisor.   

Statesboro, GA's Certified Travel Associate Kaye House with Dream Vacations will help you plan your travel experience and work behind the scenes during your vacation to ensure that you have the best trip possible. The best part is if you book the trip with Kaye it will cost you nothing.  Kaye is paid directly by the cruise lines or tour companies they represent.

By evaluating real reviews and collaborating with a wide network of associates to meet your travel needs, she can help you book the lodging, activities, and meals that will make your vacation memorable and enjoyable.

Kaye House on a roller coaster on a Carnival Cruise ship

Access to exclusive deals

Your time is money, says Kaye House. Often, her travel agency has access to exclusive deals on resorts and cruises, but the real advantage of working with a travel associate is having someone to plan and navigate your needs and requests. Peace of mind is essential to successful travels, so whether you require certain medical accommodations or want to insure your trip in case of emergency, Kaye House can provide an easier way to vacation and ensure you are getting the best value possible for your vacation.   

A local expert ready to help

Kaye described her customers’ great satisfaction on the recent DawgNation cruise and another Royal Caribbean voyage. She reports that the couple traveling with Royal Caribbean had second thoughts about the itinerary after booking the trip, but she helped ease these concerns by providing them with more information, and the travelers had an amazing time.

Even through unexpected circumstances like illness or personal emergencies before or during your vacation, Kaye is one call away and ready to help you through any complications. Sometimes there is nothing more valuable than this assurance.

Kaye House at Stonehenge

Exclusive deal - A 10 day tour of Western Europe

Right now, you can book a 10 day tour of Western Europe, traveling to seven countries, where you will experience the iconic and historically rich cities of London, Brussels, Innsbruck, Venice, Lucerne, Dijon, and Paris. Check out the listing for next summers’ tour HERE and contact Kaye for more details.

Whether your getaway entails tropical sands and exciting nightlife, romantic sunset dinners on the water, or bucket list sightseeing, Kaye House can take the stress out of planning and help you fulfill your dream vacation.

Kaye House with Dream Vacations

You can learn more about Dream Vacations, check out some great destinations and travel ideas, along with some great travel deals by going to their website by CLICKING HERE.

You can reach Kaye House by phone at (912) 495-8256