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Senior Moment | Chair Volleyball at Bulloch County Recreation & Parks

Discover the latest from Bulloch County Recreation & Parks: Chair Volleyball for Adults 50+! Join us for a fun and inclusive way to stay active and connected. The next game is coming up on Tuesday, February 26 at 10:30am!
Floor shot of Chair Volleyball

Hey y'all! Sitting and wondering what to do with your ‘retired’ self? Want a little more excitement? Well, I have a place where something new and refreshing is always in the pipeline 

Tiffany Burgess, Adults 50+ Program Supervisor, at Bulloch County Recreation & Parks started a new program to share: Chair Volleyball for Adults 50+ members. They play every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 10:30 am, at the Honey Bowen Building in Statesboro.       

Burgess reached out to me, and I am gratefully thrilled to go and watch the 2nd Chair Volleyball game at the center and see ‘what the FUSS is all about’!!

Chair Volleyball players-(left to right)-Ann Ray,Martha Chapman,Gail Wood,Molly Garside,Tiffany Burgess (50+ adult supervisor),Iyana Morgan(assoc).Floor-Shaheim Johnson(assoc). Michele LeBlanc

What is Chair Volleyball?

This ‘fun-filled’ activity is great for upper body strength, mobility, and joint flexibility. It enhances your muscle tone, reflexes, hand to eye coordination, and endurance.

The game is played with a beach ball and a 3’ high net, and the rules are similar to regular volleyball.

Burgess said, “I wanted to add a ‘competitive edge’ to our program, so what's more FUN than volleyball? I wanted our adults 50+ to still play safely, so we chose ‘Chair Volleyball’ and use beach balls instead of volleyballs. The 1st time we played was a hit. They are already talking about uniforms and team names.”

The Chair Volleyball Pros have NOW settled on names: Baywatch Babes and Go Getters. After their recent match (2-20 minutes sets), Baywatch Babes took the fierce lead 20-18 vs. the Go Getters. LOVE IT!!!! 

Molly Garside (Baywatch Babes) is quoted saying, “When our senior exercise leader told us about Chair Volleyball, I thought she was joking. So I went home and looked it up. Not only was she not joking but I discovered that Chair Volleyball is gaining momentum across all  ages. Seriously, it is so much fun! You don't realize that you are exercising!” 


Regular exercise can help older adults stay independent and prevent many health problems that come with age. According to the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, older adults should do 2 types of physical activity each week to improve their health–aerobic and muscle strengthening.

Bulloch Rec is well known for their variety of activities from Line Dance, Chair Yoga, SitFit, Silver Liners, Scrabble, Bingo, Field Trips, Art Classes, and more. Socializing activities are always a boost for the adult interaction they provide. The annual membership is $40/per year with a extra cost for ‘Field Trips’ depending on where.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit, email Burgess at [email protected], or call (912) 489-9059.

Come join the fun for another ‘ENERGIZED’ Senior Moment!