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Senior Moment | Bethany Community Redefined as it Celebrates 100 years Sunday

Join Grice Connect's Senior Reporter Michele LeBlanc as she takes you inside Bethany senior living as they prepare to celebrate 100 years of service. Each week Michele discovers another way seniors can live a healthy, active lifestyle in Bulloch County.


How amazing, exciting and thrilled at the same time, to be part of a community that is an organization that recognizes and appreciates SENIORS. The Lodge at Bethany is a Retirement & Assisted Living Facility. ‘Bethany's remarkable journey from its humble beginnings to the vibrant community it is today is a testament to the unwavering spirit of its Founders, Staff Leaders, residents and families. It's with great pride, they celebrate this significant milestone with the community here at Bethany’.

Haley McNure, Director of the Cottages of Bethany in Statesboro, introduced me to a NEW world that I was so unfamiliar with. She offered me a tour of the beautiful self-sufficient cottages and the perfect home for Seniors that are downsizing or adjusting to a new lifestyle they can now call their NEW home.

Haley McNure, originally from Bulloch County, grew up in Nevils and went to Trinity Christian School. She graduated from Georgia Southern with an exercise science degree and had planned to attend physician assistant school. While in school, she worked at the Lodge at Bethany. Started as a caregiver, received her CNA (paid for by Bethany) and became actively involved with the large residence for 4 years.

Haley said “I am enjoying all my time here at Bethany. Their number one belief has always been and continues to be that we are called to SERVE. I love serving our residents in our community.”

Upon my initial visit, Haley offered me a tour of these beautiful self-sufficient cottages ‘nestled along a fence- line of oak trees in beautiful Statesboro. The Cottages at Bethany are the newest addition to the Bethany Community of Care; this is not a licensed Healthcare residence..

The Cottages at Bethany offer Seniors a safe first class residence and an entertainment lounge for personal and private socializing and activities. The Cottages are all handicapped accessible, maintenance free living for residents with free access to many of the amenities of the Lodge at Bethany. Haley added, they are on the ‘BIRTHING’ stage of the Companion Care Assistance Program, which includes housekeeping, driving assistance with your own vehicle and meal preparations assistance. I LOVE this already!!

Now on the other hand, as many of you know and are familiar with The Lodge at Bethany. The Lodge has a range of services both Traditional and Memory Care Assisting Living and amenities in a  residential atmosphere for residents' needs and well-being.

NOW you are asking TELL me MORE???

Haley, as her title says, Director of The Cottages at Bethany in Statesboro, does an exceptional job of notifying the residents of Bethany and the residents of Statesboro, the latest updates of activities throughout the events calendar on Grice Connect or other social media platforms.

Haley encouraged me to share the GOOD NEWS about inviting YOU, Seniors, family and friends of the community as well as residents at Bethany to three of the most exciting upcoming events that The Bethany Communities offers:


MARK your calendar and SPREAD the word for Sunday, June 25th at 2:00PM. Bethany is celebrating their ‘Centennial - 100 YEARS OF SERVICE’ of the Bethany Community. Haley said “ there is time to go to church,have lunch and come CELEBRATE!! There will be refreshments and lots of time to Socialize”. I can NOT wait!!

Second, their ‘Virtual Dementia Tour’ (VDT), held the last Thursday of EVERY month at 3-4:30 PM. This will enable caregivers to experience for themselves, the physical and mental challenges those with Dementia face and use the experience to provide better person-centered care.

Thirdly, in addition to the regular chair exercises and strength building programs at Lodge at Bethany. They have just started a Senior Adult YOGA class provided by Sacred Space that is now coming weekly to The Lodge at Bethany on Wednesdays at 1:30pm. These classes include chair and/or floor yoga. They will accommodate any of your limitations and customize a program that will suit your needs or limitations. This is a paid activity, $15/per session or $30/monthly.

These are just a few of the BEST activities The Lodge at Bethany offer. Bingo, crafts days,piano by Dr. Michael Braz or other musicians from Bulloch county, gardening club and of course MY favorite ice cream socials every Sunday afternoon. Yum!! 

Weekly, they will have pop-up shopping sprees on campus and I almost forgot every week a shopping venture to the mall or Hobby Lobby, everyones’ HAPPY PLACE.

As you can see Seniors, there are LOTS to do and have FUN. Check the events on Grice Connect or their online calendar of daily activities

I LOVE being a SENIOR.  So many options and little time!! 

Come get involved YOU will love it!

So in closing, WHY the ‘Lodge at  Bethany’??? 

The Lodge has a newly created statutory distinction of being an assisted living community (ALC) status, it is the only licensed ALC in the area and is focused on innovative research-based programming that empowers residents to live better, together.

Families of residents are invited to participate in educational opportunities to learn more about Memory Care. The comfort of knowing that their loved ones are encouraged and enjoying the most meaningful and fulfilling life is truly a goal of Bethany.

Volunteers, families and caregivers are needed and encouraged to participate in ALL social events including celebrations of monthly Birthdays and a wide variety of monthly celebrations.  These events are all FREE,  just come and ENJOY!

Bethany is a leader in senior Healthcare in Georgia. And with both The Lodge at Bethany and The Cottages at Bethany, the vision of the Board has, and will continue to be, to ‘invite others to engage in faithful and joyous Community Care’.

GRAB this great JOY FILLED opportunity for your next Senior Moment!

Have a Senior Moment idea you want me to share? 

Join my mission to get seniors back out into our community, discovering ways they can stay active, be appreciated and live a healthier life.

How can you help?  Share with me your FRESH ideas, senior activities you would like me to share, senior needs not met.  I am waiting on your email at [email protected] …. I would like to know and share. Until then …

Enjoy your next Senior Moment in Bulloch County!!