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Local Seniors Celebrate Easter with a Journey thru Jesus’ Life

Grice Connect's Michele LeBlanc received a special Easter Blessing as a VIP guest walking through the Journey of Jesus created for the resident's of The Lodge at Bethany. Join Michele as she takes you on this remarkably touching Journey. Click on the picture to read more.
Hosanna Tent Station-(Left to rt) Mouse, Elizabeth Kasper, Ken Ritchie, Emogene Rushing, Don Hughes

Breath-taking! and Elaborate!

Imagine yourself walking the streets of Jerusalem during Holy Week, reflecting back on the miracles and events of the times preceding the coming crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary.

Well..The Lodge at Bethany in Statesboro, Georgia, residents had that opportunity and seized the moment!

Celebration- He is Risen-The residents of Bethany. Jerri Mathis

Jerri Mathis, Director of Engagement, wanted to do something with more meaning for ‘The Lodge’ and their residents this Easter. “It is an honor to do something that is going to be such a blessing to others. After brainstorming, the idea of the ‘Journey a Walk thru Jesus' Life’ was created,” said Mathis.  "We reached out to several churches including Statesboro Primitive Baptist, Little Ogeechee Baptist, and Believers of Statesboro to help create the ‘Jerusalem Village’ we were trying to envision.”

Along with the creative talents and love for the project, an outstanding team of volunteers of 45 to 50, staff and friends of the ‘Bethany Community’ brought to life a brief glimpse of the ‘Life of Jesus’.

“Many Cottage residents have the heart to serve,” said Haley McNure, Coordinator, The Cottages of Bethany.  “Several residents donated items for decoration and signed up to volunteer.”

All of the volunteers were assisting, guiding and directing the residents on the ‘Journey’.  “Some were kind enough to let us borrow props, costumes, etc. We are VERY appreciative,” Mathis added.

Izzy Peterson with her grandmother Kim Woods. Michele LeBlanc

The Lodge at Bethany’s residents have watched intensely the series ‘The Chosen' and enjoyed it. ‘Embarking on the Journey’ made the series more realistic. They were able to see their ‘HOME’ transformed and equipped with destinations, 12 stations/booths resembling a Jerusalem Village and Marketplace.

The residents were thrilled and excited, as they chose their bible attire costumes to portray travelers or villagers dressed and ready to ‘Embark on the Journey'.

After gathering in the dining room, they were assigned to small groups with guides and received instructions to start. Each station/booth was equipped with either video, media,small narrative or ‘hands on’ activity (fishing or the last supper). At each booth a small gift to represent the station was given. Making it life-like!

The Lodge at Bethany. Michele LeBlanc

The 12 stations included:

  • Birth of Jesus
  • I Belong to Jesus
  • Miracles
  • Sermon on the Mount
  • Silly Rabbit Easter
  • Beatitudes
  • Fishers of Men
  • Palm Sunday
  • Last Supper
  • Crucifixion
  • Tomb is Empty
  • He is Risen!!

The dining room was the last stop for a Celebration Feast!

Tables were lined in deep purple tablecloths with gold accents and a bell. When the bell sounded, servers came out bringing trays of food and snacks,including grapes,cheeses,hummus, pita, crackers, and olives.

A sweet treat was given to each resident, a handmade tomb representing ‘He is Risen’ with a small edible Bible.

“This is a labor of love for all who have helped with this event both volunteers and staff. Easter is such a special time and we are grateful to be able to showcase Jesus' love for our residents culminating with the ultimate sacrifice that he made for each of us in his earthly death and resurrection,” said Regina Bell, Executive Director of Bethany.

In closing, Mathis shared, “All our volunteers are the Heart of Bethany! They bring so much joy to our staff and residents. I can't say enough good things about each of them and how much we appreciate all that they do for our organization”

The Lodge at Bethany Lobby. Michele LeBlanc