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Statesboro Service League hosts annual May picnic, welcomes new leaders and members

The Statesboro Service League held its annual picnic last month, celebrating a collective 4,576 hours served over the past year. The new leadership of the league is looking forward to a new year of positively impacting our community.
Back Row Left to Right: Treasurer Leslie Akins, Recording Secretary Meredith Jones, Co-Treasurer Adrien Spandle; Front Row Left to Right: Corresponding Secretary Catherine Groover, President Millie Boykin, Vice President Jana Phillips

The Statesboro Service League gathered for their much-anticipated annual May Picnic on Thursday, May 2nd, Kentucky Derby style, bringing together members and sustainers to celebrate the year's accomplishments and usher in new leadership for the upcoming year.

Introduction of the 2024-2025 Executive Board

One of the highlights of the event was the introduction of the 2024-2025 Executive Board. Incoming President Millie Boykin expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming year, outlining her vision for continued community engagement and service.

Joining her in leadership are:

  • Vice President: Jana Phillips
  • Recording Secretary: Meredith Jones
  • Corresponding Secretary: Catherine Groover
  • Treasurer: Leslie Akins
  • Co-Treasurer: Adrien Spandle

President Boykin emphasized the importance of each role and the collective effort required to maintain the League’s high standards of service and impact.

Scholarship Recipients Announced

SSL Charter Member Sarah Hines on behalf of her grandson, Will Ellis - Bulloch Academy, Audrey Thomas - Southeast Bulloch High School, Nicholes Cortes - Statesboro High School, Kobe Robinson - Statesboro High School | Statesboro Service League

The picnic also served as the perfect occasion to announce the recipients of the Service League’s annual scholarship. This year, four outstanding students were recognized for their academic achievements and community involvement:

  • Nicholes Cortes from Statesboro High School
  • Will Ellis from Bulloch Academy
  • Kobe Robinson from Statesboro High School
  • Audrey Thomas from Southeast Bulloch High School

These scholarships aim to support local students in their educational pursuits, reinforcing the League’s commitment to fostering educational development within the community.

Celebrating a Year of Service

Reflecting on the past year, each member contributed to a remarkable total of approximately 4,576 hours served. These efforts included participation in various community projects, notably the League's popular attic sale, which raises funds for local charitable causes.

Outgoing President Anna Durden commended the members for their dedication and hard work, highlighting the significant impact their collective service has made in the Statesboro community.

Welcoming New Members

In addition to celebrating the year's achievements, the League inducted its new members for the upcoming year. Provisionals who have now completed their initial year of service and training were formally inducted into the League as full members. This new class of members brings fresh energy and ideas, poised to contribute significantly to the League’s ongoing projects and initiatives.

The Provisional group chose to carry out their heartfelt initiative, "Love on Langston," to support and uplift teachers and students at Langston Chapel Elementary School. They successfully organized the purchase of school supplies and GMAS testing snacks through a curated “Wish List”. This effort not only provided essential resources for the teachers but also demonstrated the provisionals' commitment to enhancing the educational environment in their community.

The Statesboro Service League is excited to see how these new members will continue to contribute to the League’s mission of service and community improvement.

Looking Forward

As we look ahead for the League, our members look forward to another successful year of service and community involvement under the new leadership.

The Statesboro Service League continues to be a beacon of service and philanthropy, with its members' unwavering commitment to bettering the community through various initiatives and events.

Read more about the Statesboro Service League's history in Statesboro here.