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Senior Moment | Get to Know Homebound Services Inc. and Med Connection

Michele LeBlanc is encouraging seniors in need of assistance to reach out for help maintaining their health and independence. She has all the information you need on this local non-profit organization that wants you to continue living your best life.
Rachel Elkins, right, with a senior served by the organization

Underinsured? Need help with physical well-being and financial stability? Let me introduce you to Homebound Services Inc. and Med Connection.

“We are a local non-profit organization that aims to help people maintain their health and independence. There is no other group like ours in Bulloch County,” said Rachel Elkins, Director of Homebound Services Inc. and Med Connection.

The Homebound Services program’s objective is to empower clients to lead healthier and safer lives within the comfort of their homes for an extended duration. This program is strategically designed to bring about several desired changes that significantly impact the well-being of clients: fall and eviction prevention, economic access to healthy food, and communication for the alleviation of loneliness.


Med Connection enhances the health and well-being of Bulloch County citizens, as well. They aim to reduce morbidity and mortality by providing access to life-saving medication, fostering a safety net of quality health insurance and access to social services, and advocating for health equity.

“We emphasize individualized assistance and comprehensive support, recognizing the diverse needs of the clients,” Elkins shared.

History of Homebound Services

In 1981, a local nurse conducted a needs assessment in our community, and the results were unequivocal.The two most pressing needs identified were access to affordable medication and housekeeping services for low-income individuals of advanced age or with disabilities.

The main goal and mission of Homebound Services today is to educate, assist, and provide services that enable our local economically challenged citizens to maintain their health, social welfare, and independence. Individual assistance and comprehensive support is their top priority.

“Homebound Services is a local non-profit established to address these critical needs and has continued to expand its services to encompass various other essential areas over the past 43 years,” added Elkins.


Elkins began working with Homebound Services in July 2022, after searching for a way to serve the community.

“I learned about the agency and all it does for citizens. Not having a health background, I was drawn to the mission," she said. "I felt like it's something we can all relate to and understand the need.”

How It Works

Laura Lanier, Advocate, and Elkins have different areas within the two programs. Most of their 550 clients are on Medicare or Medicaid and low income. Many who have low income yet don't qualify for Medicare or Medicaid are helped as well. The clients are referred by physicians, senior living facilities, and personal referrals (word-of-mouth) that know the need.

To qualify, you must be a Bulloch County resident. The initial meeting is in person and includes an interview with documentation to support the existing needs. The next step is continued over the phone.

Rachel Elkins (L) and Laura Lanier (R)

The Homebound Services Program includes:

  • Wellness phone checks
  • Application assistance for SNAP (Food Stamps) and free cell phones
  • Essential housekeeping for disabled and very aged clients

The Med Connection Program includes:

  • Assisting with acquisition of prescription medication
  • Providing unbiased insurance consultations
  • Completing applications to Medicaid or Medicare-Extra Help

One of their clients who is 95 years old lives alone and is in good health for her age. All of her living family reside out of town, so she is signed up as one of the ‘rotary call’ clients. Advocates call her every weekday, checking in to see if she needs anything. The rotary call service allows her to remain in her home, giving her and her family members more peace of mind and brightening her days.

Outreach Center at 515 Denmark St.

Get In Touch

Homebound Services Inc. and Med Connection are directed and supported by a local Board of Directors, consisting of 8 diverse, hard-working, caring professionals from different backgrounds. Several small-businesses in Statesboro and Bulloch County provide private donations, while foundations, grants (non-government), the Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs, and United Way (just to name a few) also assist with their support.

“There is something for everyone. I want people to know, we are here to help," Elkins said. "We need community support and want to keep going!”  

Don't disqualify yourself. Don't question! Reach out!

Contact Rachel Elkins at 912-764-9500 or [email protected]. You can visit their website for more information at They are open Monday-Friday from 9am-1pm and located in the Outreach Center at 515 Denmark Street in Statesboro, Suite 300.

Making this your ‘health-filled’ Senior Moment!