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Grice Connect's Brandon's Box of Local Delights: "Spring into Statesboro!"

Spring has sprung in Statesboro. Join Grice Connect's Brandon Robinson on a Sunday afternoon drive of spring beauty around Bulloch.
Beautiful spring flowers downtown

I am a Mean, Green, Spring MACHINE!

(Or at least that’s what I tell myself when the sunny months roll around.)

I LOVE spring! And I never realized how much I did until this March. Maybe it’s the 70-degree weather piercing through the frigid winter landscape that brings such a sunniness to my soul. (Granted, the 70-degree weather brought a bunch of pollen into my life as well...but that’s another story for another time).

But Spring has completely Sprung here in Statesboro! And we can feel it our hearts, taste it in our green juices, and see it clearly displayed on our tennis shoes…in a bright, yellow dust form... (again, another story for another time).

But so-be-it!

And until the mother-load of pollen subsides, let’s peek into my box of “Local Delights” to see how my Saturday drive around our scenic, small town unfolded!


Let’s start with the TREES!

It’s funny the sights you see when you slow down and take in your surroundings.

I've passed by Leefield Baptist Church countless times this year already. But only through this casual ride around town, did I notice the beautiful in-bloom trees which were present, lining the perimeter of the property. “CLICK!” I had to snag a pic of those beauties!




The next tree, I LITERALLY never noticed until this leisure ride. And yes, it’s quite laughable given how huge it is.

This beautiful tree is planted right between Ole Times and CrossRoads Community Church. (Seriously, it completely stole my attention!) It's big, bold, and unapologetically VIBRANT!

Now, if that isn’t how we should be striving to be this Spring season, I don't know how else there is to be!

“CLICK!”, I definitely had to capture that treasure!



I swung by Southern Scapes Nursery, Inc. to see what kinds of plants and foliage were available for this season!

Well, whether it was their variety of flowers, or their "ARCHANGEL BLUE BICOLOR ANGELONIA" (say that ten times fast!!), they have an abundance of plant life available for locals to spruce up their spring season with!






Next, I ran over to "The Mad Potter Garden Center & Florist"!

Well, whether it was their whimsically placed garden delights, or their fresh garden produce, I was driven positively MAD at their stark variety of green amazingness!







NOW, I definitely had to swing by Fostering Bulloch to give you the scoop on these “plant” delights.

I had previously interviewed Coach Hugh Yaughn earlier this year (regarding him receiving the Visionary Award from GSW state university).

HOWEVER, I don’t think this story was included in the article. But basically, we walked outside after finishing up his interview, and Coach had stopped both of us in our tracks. He looked down at the ground and made it a point to explain these "plate plants" to me.


Coach was straight-up TICKELD by these “plants”.

He esteemed these "plate plants" and was unapologetically elated that they required little to no maintenance throughout the year. In fact, in the words of Coach Yaughn himself, “they’re in bloom all year long!”.

'Gotta love it Coach!

“CLICK!” Another delight in my box!



Moving on, let’s stop by the Botanic Gardens at GSU!

The botanic gardens hosts a variety of plant life and wonder during this time of year. And if you really need that moment of recharge, refresh, and renewal, then the botanic gardens is the place to be!




“CLICK!” Now excuse me while I disappear and meditate here for three years...

Now, let’s have a look at SPRING DÉCOR!

Hobby Lobby. Enough said folks.

Everyone’s favorite craft store simply holds the key to those green stolen moments around the home. They seemingly have every craft, supply, and trinket that will bring a burst of spring energy to your home space!

“CLICK!” Delight secured!





NEXT, T.J. Maxx had these cute little Easter bunnies and trinkets! 

I couldn’t leave them out of box. They were “hopping” to be included (hopping, hoping,..get it?!...yeah.)!!

“CLICK!” I see you little rabbits. Hop into my box!!!!



 Finally, let’s look at some LOCAL FRESH PRODUCE!

The Statesboro Farmer’s Market had to be included.

(I mean...where else would I sell my OATPOP treats at?!).

It’s simply the place to be during the springtime and EVERYTIME! Local flower vendors like Wilmor Flowers can be found on the market scene. But also, a litany of other local produce vendors will fill the space this market season.

Market season typically runs from early April until late November. So be sure to check out this quaint little space behind the Visit Statesboro Center when it reopens! 

“CLICK!” Shop Local, folks!



Well, well, well. My box of local delights is positively bursting with the melodies of a Very Statesboro SPRING.

(And don’t I LOVEEE the sound of this song!)

Now, if you can excuse me, I should probably figure out a way to securely close this box since its overflowing with amazingness…and…




..everywhere...(another time!)

Happy Spring! Cheers!!!