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GALLERY | BRAG cyclists stop at the RAC before their final stretch to Savannah

The Bicycle Ride Across Georgia settled at the Georgia Southern RAC on June 7 to cool down, set up tents to sleep overnight, and enjoy some music. The cyclists left around 7am the following morning en route to Savannah, where their journey concluded for this year's City to Sea ride from Atlanta.

This year, the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (BRAG) was able to take around 1,600 people with them from Atlanta to Savannah. Over the week, they rode the Hi-Lo Trail.

The trail is "proposed to be the longest paved bicycle, walking, hiking trail in the United States, and it will span from Union Point, Georgia; which is a tiny town in North Georgia, 211 miles down to Tybee Island," said Mary Charles Howard, Founder and Executive Director of the Georgia Hi-Lo Trail. 

  • Day 0: Oglethorpe University, Atlanta 
  • Day 1: Oxford College, Oxford Ga. 55 miles
  • Day 2: Social Circle Elementary School, Social Circle, Ga. 47.6 miles
  • Day 3 & 4: Milledgeville, Walter B. Williams Jr. Park 63 miles
  • Day 5: Swainsboro, East Georgia State College 79.5 miles
  • Day 6: Statesboro, Georgia Southern, 57 miles
  • Day 7: Savannah, Daffin Park, 67 miles

Throughout the journey, the cyclists would stop at these places overnight for some rest and relaxation. Here at Georgia Southern, they were able to rent out the RAC and use the swimming pool and its other facilities. There were food trucks, showers, tents, drinks, and live music to enjoy. 

One of the groups within BRAG is the Dream Team. They sponsor kids from lower income families by offering $2,000 bikes. All they have to do is join the ride, and they get to keep it at the end. The team contains six alumni members who came along for the ride, eight high schoolers who are doing it for the first time, and nine coaches. 

“Bike riding is the best experience you can have as a human being, because you can do it as a little kid on a tricycle, and you can do it as a teenager, young adult, senior citizen, and it happens all over the world,” said Volunteer Head Coach Atiba Mbiwan.

Coach Mbiwan has been with the Dream Team for the last 29 years. The Dream Team was only founded one year prior. He and Coach Phillip Wu Jr. were pleased to say they have kids from Brunswick, Milledgeville, and Atlanta along for the ride. 

Speaking of a dedicated bike rider, Ben Benjamin has been riding with BRAG since he was only six years old. 

"It was a family thing growing up, and it was about bringing the community together. I did this for 10 years when I was a kid and now me and my wife picked it back up right around COVID times, and this marks my 15th year doing this," said Benjamin.

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