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Bulloch Commissioners Toby Conner, Timmy Rushing and Anthony Simmons sworn in

Commissioner Walter Gibson retires from the commission. Toby Conner sworn in to replace Commissioner Gibson
L-R: Commissioners Toby Conner, Timmy Rushing and Anthony Simmons Credit: Grice Connect

Roy Thompson, Bulloch County Commission Chairman opened the bi-monthly meeting of the commissioners conducting a brief amount of county business (read more below) including approving the consent agenda before moving into the swearing in ceremony.

Chairman Thompson and fellow commissioners presented retiring commisioner walter Gibson with a proclomation in his honor.

L-R: Commissioners Curt Deal, Ray Mosley, Roy Thompson, Walter Gibson, Anthony Simmons, Jappy Stringer and Timmy Rushing

Chairman Thompson then presented Commissioner Gibson with his name plate from the commissioners bench.

L-R: Commissioners Curt Deal, Ray Mosley, Roy Thompson, Walter Gibson, Anthony Simmons, Jappy Stringer and Timmy Rushing

"It has been a fun ride and the association with the people in Bulloch and across the state is what I will miss the most," said Commissioner Walter Gibson. "I will take retirement one day at a time. I look forward to staying busy with my grandchildren, traveling more and spending some more time on my farm. I will just take it one day at a time."

Swearing in of commissioners

Lorna Deloach, Probate Judge of Bulloch County to conducted the swearing in of commissioners Toby Conner, Timmy Rushing and Anthony Simmons.

Commissioner Toby Conner is sworn in by Probate Judge Lorna Deloach as his wife Kelsey Conner holds the family bible

"Today is about our swearing in but it also about honoring Mr. Gibson he has given so much to our county and leaves such a big footprint to fill. You know great men leave footprints, greater men fill footprints with great love," said Commissioner Toby Conner. "I am the challenge, working with our citizens in tackling the growth, tackling our farming issues and their concerns with the growth and working to pull people together as we look for the best outcome. "

Commissioner Timmy Rushing is sworn in by Probate Judge Lorna Deloach as his wife Julie Rushing holds the family bible

"I am thankful for the opportunity Bulloch County citizens have given me to serve them again. We have a lot of issues on the table that are not near completed and I am happy they trust me to continue to work through these challenges and opportunities", said Commissioner Timmy Rushing. "Mr. Walter taught me in school as did his wife. Besides being my teacher he has always been a good friend and mentor of mine. Mr. Walter took me under his wing when I came on the commission and helped prepared me to lead as a commissioner in a graceful way. He has always meant alot to me and continued to lead me in the right direction."

Bulloch Commissioner Anthony Simmons
Commissioner Anthony Simmons is sworn in by Probate Judge Lorna Deloach as his wife Joyce Simmons holds the family bible

"I look forward to being able to help with the growth in Bulloch County and I am grateful the citizens have given me this opportunity again. I love Bulloch County, I love working with the citizens. As we enter this growth spurt I look forward to being a part of it and doing what I can to help move our community forward in an agreeable way," said Commissioner Anthony Simmons. "Walter is a commissioners, commissioner. He always represented us well no matter where he is. He seems to know everyone, not just in Bulloch County but across Georgia. He is a good guy to be around. A good guy to travel with and I am going to miss him."

Consent Agenda


  1. Minutes Approval: Tuesday December 6th, 2022 05:30 PM
  2. Minutes Approval: Monday December 12th, 2022 08:30 AM
  3. Executive Session Minutes Approval: Tuesday, December 6th, 2022
  4. Special Called Joint City and County Meeting Minutes
  5. Motion to purchase a 2024 EONE Typhoon Rescue Pumper from Fireline for $624,890.
  6. Motion to grant a 2023 alcoholic beverage renewal license for package retail beer and wine sales to certain establishments with a current 2022 license.
  7. Resolution to Accept Roads in Weatherstone Subdivision
  8. Appoint Kathy Newton to a six-year term on the Bulloch County Board of Tax Assessors commencing on January 1, 2023 and ending on December 31, 2028
    Agenda Board of Commissioners December 20, 2022
  9. Motion to accept the lowest bid for the purchase of copiers from Digital Office Equipment in the amount of $27,760.78
  10. Reappoint Benjy Thompson, Statesboro Bulloch County Development Authority CEO, to the Joint Development Authority for a four-year term beginning on January 1, 2023 and ending on December 31, 2027.
  11. Motion to Accept a proposal authorizing the County Manager to negotiate and enter into a professional services agreement with TPR Consulting LLC of Macon, Georgia

Commission and Staff Comments

County manager Tom Couch in his comments shared with the commissioners that they will form a calendar for January and February as they are starting the budgeting process a little early. They will also be scheduling a series of workshops to discuss budgeting and other business items.

View the full agenda with attachments below

Watch the full meeting video below