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Brooklet's 'Ghost Road' comes to life on the big screen Friday

The Legend of Ghost Road film will premiere at 8pm on Friday, September 23, along Railroad Street in downtown Statesboro. The event is free and open to the public.
Many have been scared on Ghost Road in Brooklet Credit: Grice Connect

The Legend of the Ghost Road comes to life on the big screen in Statesboro on Friday, September 23rd in downtown Statesboro. The film will focus on an old Brooklet legend of the same name.

Nightly wanderers of the road have claimed to see strange lights during their travels and even sightings of a man digging a ditch before disappearing into the night. 

Ghost of decapitated man?

According to the legend, a long time ago, when the road was a railroad track, a man was decapitated by the train but kept searching for his missing head. To this day, many witnesses claim to have spotted the headless ghost wandering the road.

The entrance to Ghost Road (Photo Courtesy Jason Martin)

Statesboro film maker brings the story to life

While these sightings have remained unexplained, Jason Martin, producer of the film, hopes to tell the story of the legend to Statesboro and beyond. For Martin, this film has been a passion project over 20 years in the making.

It all started when he, his brother, and their friends first saw "the light" and used their mother's camera to capture the experience.

"Ever since then, I just always wanted to make this into a documentary film," he said. "I think I put it off because I thought, you know, I want to build up my equipment, I want to get more experience in making films and videography. So I'm finally doing that." 

Photo by John Caesar

Ghost Road Tales of Fear

The movie will focus on the unexplained phenomenon of Ghost Road (Railroad Bed Rd.) and what the people of Brooklet theorize it could be.

"People seem to have different variations of their story," Martin said. "(One person) had said that he'd seen a red light. All I ever saw was like a white light, but I had seen a light that had swirling colors inside of it."  

A story that needed to be told

For Martin, this is a story he is excited to share with the community.

"I just felt like it was a story that was worth being told," he said. "I think the people who have gone down there have seen these strange things. I think they're glad to finally see something that maybe kind of validates what they've seen." 

Have you seen "The Light?" (Photo Courtesy of Jason Martin)

Free premiere Friday downtown

The movie will premiere at 8pm in Downtown Statesboro along Railroad Street, in the parking lot across the street from Eagle Creek Brewery. The movie will play on a huge inflatable screen, provided by Party Harbor Inflatables. Tickets are free, and t-shirts can be purchased for $25.

Seating opportunities are not guaranteed, so moviegoers are advised to arrive early and bring their own personal chairs to the outdoor event.

For those who can't make it, the movie will also be available after the premiere online for free on the Legend of the Ghost Road website. Shirts are also available online here.

Watch the movie trailer below!