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Applications open for Empower Bulloch $1,500 United Way Mini Grants

Attention nonprofit organizations in Bulloch County! United Way of SEGA is thrilled to announce Empower Bulloch Mini-Grants: Building a Better Future for Bulloch County. The ten $1,500 mini grants will be awarded to organizational initiatives that are positively impacting our community. Applications are open now through July 9, 2024.

The United Way of Southeast Georgia (SEGA) is thrilled to announce the launch of the Empower Bulloch Mini Grants, a new initiative aimed at addressing crucial needs within the Statesboro and Bulloch County community. A total of 10 Mini Grants, each worth $1,500, are available to support local programs and projects that target identified community needs.

The initiative, inspired by Alice Bulloch County Data and insights gathered from recent community discussions at area Data Walk Events this year, aims to foster significant positive change across Bulloch County.

Community need categories: 

  • Affordable housing
  • Affordable childcare
  • Alcohol/substance abuse treatment
  • Adult literacy 
  • Children’s literacy
  • Food insecurity
  • Financial stability
  • Health
  • Job training

Who should apply?

The funding opportunity is open to nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to uplifting the community. Whether your organization is large or small, if your mission aligns with addressing any of the identified needs, you are encouraged to apply. Ensure your organization meets the specific application form requirements before submitting.

Application deadline

The deadline to apply for the Empower Bulloch Mini Grants is July 9, 2024. Interested organizations can find the application form through the  link provided below or visit the United Way of Southeast Georgia’s website for more information.

Empowering Bulloch County together

“We are excited to see the positive impact that these grants will have on our community,” said a spokesperson from United Way SEGA, “Let’s work together to make Bulloch County even better.”

For more details visit the United Way of Southeast Georgia Facebook page or click the link below to apply for the grant.

Apply here: