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New Statesboro Starbucks in Publix shopping complex now open

Statesboro can now enjoy a fresh, new Starbucks experience with the opening of its location in the Eagles Corner Shopping Center. Read on to see inside the new store!
The new Starbucks store at 151 Tormenta Way in Statesboro

The third Starbucks in Statesboro has officially opened its doors for business. It is located at the corner of Old Register Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway in front of Publix. The original Starbucks is located on Northside Drive East at the Statesboro Mall, and the second is in the Russell Union Student Center on the Georgia Southern campus.

Building permits were issued in June 2023, with Statesboro-based Mill Creek Construction completing the site preparation and Dacula, Georgia-based Dolphyn Commercial Contracting building the store.

The store is located at 151 Tormenta Way and is open 5:30am-9pm daily. It features an expansive interior space for customers, with a variety of seating options and a large covered patio outside. Mobile ordering is available.

BEFORE: The site prep in June 2023. DeWayne Grice

Purpose-built store design

Last year, chief executive officer Howard Schultz announced five strategic shifts Starbucks will make as part of its Reinvention plan to adapt to the changing needs of customers and store partners.

As an example, while customers used to primarily order hot beverages, now that’s shifted to cold year-round. In the summer, nearly 80 percent of the drinks ordered are cold.

And, requests for customizations have risen dramatically in recent years with two in three drinks now being customized by adding more espresso shots or flavors and customers increasingly choosing plant-based milks or cold foam.

Interior of the new Statesboro store

One of the strategic shifts Schultz announced is to “reimagine our store experience for greater connection, ease and a planet positive impact.” Starbucks's purpose-built store design approach will help with modernizing physical stores to serve the increasing demand while creating an environment that is inclusive and accessible, through the lens of sustainability.

To help drive innovation, Starbucks has turned to the team of R&D experts and baristas working side-by-side in Starbucks Tryer Center, to help streamline the work behind the counter, and enable more time for genuine human connection.

Order pickup area at the new Statesboro store