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Statesboro's Sweet Sensation: The Rise of Robert Lucas and his Sweet Impact

Robert Lucas, also known as The Sweet Impact, is a self-taught cake artist and baker. Lucas's journey from IT professional to viral sensation is as delightful as his fantastical creations. With seven million followers across platforms and collaborations with major brands, Lucas spreads joy with each cake creation. Now, with a storefront opening soon, Statesboro and surrounding locals can indulge in Lucas's treats firsthand.
Robert Lucas

Strolling down the bakery aisle or scrolling through your social media feed, you might just stumble upon Robert Lucas, known also by the account handle, Sweet Impact, whose unique character cakes and vibrant spirit have made waves both locally and online. A local to the area and a native of Screven County, Lucas has managed to whisk together a recipe for success that includes dashes of creativity, heaps of hard work, and an unwavering passion for spreading joy. 

Lucas has captured the attention of some of the biggest names in entertainment and digital media, such as TikTok, Netflix, and Disney, to name a few. Even our very own Grice Connect editor, Whitney Lavoie, couldn't help but share a personal story about her son being completely engrossed in one of Lucas's cake videos during a recent car trip, showcasing the widespread appeal and joy his creations bring to people of all ages.

Lucas on the set of Netflix's Nailed It!

Robert Lucas’s videos grab your attention instantly. His warm personality and unbelievably creative cakes are the kind of combination that will make anyone stop scrolling and stay a while just to see what he thinks of next. With a growing follower count that spans 7 million across all platforms, his fantastical cakes have captured the imaginations of fans worldwide. Recognized as one of TikTok’s Black Trailblazers, Lucas has collaborated with major brands like Oreo, Walmart, PlayStation, and more, marking his significant rise in the baking world.

This self-taught professional cake artist started his baking journey in 2019 after a career in IT. Growing up just outside of Statesboro and graduating from Georgia Southern in 2016, Lucas initially joined Bulloch Solutions, where he spent five years building a career in networking. It was during this time that he began to dabble in baking, despite never having baked before.

His first attempt was a unicorn cake, about which he recalls, "I remember wanting to just try something new. And I saw on Instagram this cake, and I thought to myself, I can definitely make that. So I ran out to the store, got all of the stuff I needed, and I was right. I made it. And I’ve just never stopped."


In a testament to his growth and fondness for this initial creation, Lucas shared that he has continued to make unicorn cakes, recently even making one themed in honor of Valentine's Day. Lucas shared he plans to continue making holiday-inspired unicorn cakes throughout year. This practice not only allows him to enjoy the process of making these cakes but also offers him a unique opportunity to see his growth while paying homage to the cake that steered his career path in a new direction.

Self declared as being meticulous in his work, Lucas’s dedication especially shines through in his character cakes, where the stakes for accuracy and detail are exceptionally high. He emphasizes the importance of getting every detail just right, saying, "If I make a character incorrectly, y’all are gonna know because characters are distinct and recognizable."

Lucas approaches these character cakes as a challenge, looking to improve upon his cakes each time he bakes something new. It's this dedication to authenticity and accuracy of these characters that has helped him rise in the baking world.


Beyond baking, Lucas has also applied his growth mindset toward the overall content creation process, where he applies the same level of dedication. He shares, "I’ve had to learn how to operate cameras and lighting and editing...I am self-taught in many areas," highlighting his experience as a multi-talented creator.

This exploration into content creation has allowed Lucas to share not just the final cake product but the overall baking process. Lucas views the whole process as a creative experience, from baking to presenting his creations online, ensuring that his audience gets a taste of the creativity, effort, and love that goes into each cake.

Many do not realize that the viral cake artist is still located right here in Statesboro, and Lucas is currently in the process of opening up a physical storefront location. Initially intended as a studio space for crafting high-quality content, Sweet Impact is now preparing to welcome the public.

Robert, with a smile, shares, "Originally meant as a workspace, it will now serve as a storefront. The curiosity and frequent visits from people intrigued by my work inspired me to open up shop. It's evident that the community has enjoyed what they've tasted." He plans to sell miniature versions of his renowned cakes, starting with favorites like mini strawberry shortcake and Oreo cakes, and also offering cupcakes, cookies, and brownies.


Sweet Impact, just like his name states, stands for making a positive mark in everything Lucas does. Lucas emphasizes he is intentional about his choices and decisions, doing everything with purpose and heart. His main hope is that this care and intent resonate with people through both his videos and his cakes. In fact, Lucas is already working on spreading a Sweet Impact throughout the local community, from donating cakes to businesses and medical offices to sharing his creations with neighbors, as he did recently for the YMCA.

As someone who enjoys living in the moment, Robert cherishes each day individually and the joy it brings, and then looks for ways he can spread that same happiness with others. While open to the possibility of expanding to a second location in the future, his current focus remains on enriching the current experience in his Statesboro storefront.

Reflecting his commitment, he has worked hard to craft a his environment, incorporating a sprinkle wall and colorful frames to display his cakes, enhancing the shop's ambiance. Robert looks forward to interacting with visitors during shop hours, inviting everyone to experience the joy and impact of his work.


Robert's ultimate goal is for everyone engaging with his content to feel uplifted, expressing that he bakes to bring joy and a place to get away from the world for a bit, offering a slice of imagination and happiness through cakes. Whether through learning about how he got started, visiting the soon-to-open storefront, or following his growth on social media, he wants people to share in the love and passion that go into each cake, inviting everyone to find their own joy and leave a sweet impact. 

Keep up with the Sweet Impact below and look out for their opening, coming soon!