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The DRIPBaR, a preventive approach to health and wellness, is coming to Statesboro

The DRIPBaR is focused on helping people take their healthcare beyond diet, exercise, and traditional medicine to support their physical, mental, and cellular wellness through advances in intravenous therapies. Read more to see how you can join now and get 30% OFF for LIFE.
The DRIPBaR is coming to 1525 Fair Road, Suite 105B near Orchid Asian Restaurant

Statesboro physicians Dr. Sreevalli Dega, MD, and Dr. Ian Munger, DO, are bringing The DRIPBaR to Statesboro. The DRIPBaR is a national franchise focused on a preventive approach to health and wellness. 

The DRIPBar will be located in Miraya Plaza, 1525 Fair Road, Suite 105B, near Orchid Asian Restaurant in Statesboro. They are shooting for an early November 2023 opening.

The Statesboro franchise is owned by Dr. Dega and Dr. Munger, and the Medical director is Dr. Bhavani Vaddey from The DRIPBaR franchise. Their real estate partner is Nick Raval.

"Dr. Vaddey was trained with me and shares my passion of keeping our communities as healthy as possible. Dr. Munger and I have been following her success with the The DRIPBar and have seen the difference it has made for so many communities," said Dr. Dega. "We wanted to bring this important service to Statesboro and look forward to working with Dr. Vaddey improving the lives of our community."

A Preventative Approach to Health & Wellness

The DRIPBaR is focused on helping people take their healthcare beyond diet, exercise, and traditional medicine to support their physical, mental, and cellular wellness. Since diseases start with the breakdown of cellular health, we address health at the cellular level. Using advances in intravenous therapies, we enable our clients to live a more energized life by helping them remain more resistant to disease.

The DRIPBaR is dedicated to the health and wellness of our clientele and uses safe, cutting-edge treatments backed by the latest research and data. Our executive team and research and development council, along with a consortium of healthcare experts, work hard every day to make sure we are continually advancing client care. We are taking the driver’s seat in an emerging industry that is changing the way people view healthy living. When you step through our doors, you’ll find a relaxing environment, a friendly team, and an innovative approach to preventative healthcare.

Don’t wait for health problems to slow you down. Take preventative action today. Contact us at (318) 490-4391 or schedule an appointment online.

Committed to Your Unique Personal Health

At The DRIPBaR, everything we do is motivated by our mission to help our clients achieve their optimal health and feel their best. We believe that health is a lifestyle. IV drip therapy is the fastest way to deliver vitamins and nutrients throughout the body, and we cater to all individuals wanting to take control of their health and wellness.

Whether you are healthy and want to remain that way, not feeling your best and looking for a little boost, or dealing with chronic pain and seeking a holistic solution, we have something for everyone’s unique personal health. 

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Autumn Bash Celebrating Safe Haven

The DRIPBaR is entering the market by supporting the community. They are the lead sponsor for the upcoming Autumn Bash event supporting Safe Haven.

Join Team Horton/McCurdy to help and celebrate Safe Haven. Come as you are and enjoy a relaxing evening of easy entertainment, delicious food and drinks, unique experiences, and a chance to win one of many prizes. Don't forget your dancing shoes. For tickets call 912-334-0412 or 912-259-9474 or email [email protected].