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Grayson Shaw can help match your investment portfolio to your Christian perspectives

Over and over, Christians are struggling with investment portfolios that do not match their Christian perspectives. Grayson Shaw with Christian Values Investing in Statesboro can show you the benefits of a Biblically Responsible Investing portfolio.
Grayson Shaw

Many people would be surprised to know that the Bible has over 2,350 references to money and possessions. The Bible indicates that God cares about what we do with that which he has entrusted to us. 

Christians are to honor God by:

  1. Returning to Him what He has first given to them
  2. Carefully and responsibly using daily resources
  3. Wisely setting aside for tomorrow.   

Often, Christians do not know that this last part can be done in a biblically responsible way.

Grayson Shaw, an investment advisor with Christian Values Investing, said, “Those with strong Christian convictions often don’t want to support industries and businesses that are destructive to the good of mankind and that promote ungodly behavior. Often they do not know that there are alternatives. The good news is that close to 90% of publicly traded companies fall in line with biblically responsible investment standards. We have an enormous pool of opportunities to comb through and analyze in order to develop the best portfolios we can for our clients. Fortunately, Christians can get solid returns on investments while remaining faithful to their biblical values.”

Christian Values Investing

Christian Values Investing (CVI), begun in 1993 by Stephen Hammond, was the first investment advisory firm to do what is now called Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) and have become a leader in the field of investing from a Christian perspective.   

Employing a BRI approach CVI seeks to achieve long-term capital gains through ownership in securities of companies that are a blessing to mankind while keeping their client’s investment portfolios from unknowingly capitalizing on today’s cultural deficit.  In doing this, Christian Values Investing helps to provide the market with a level of accountability while benefiting their clients.

Grayson Shaw

Grayson is a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor's degree in Finance. He has particular interests in foreign currency markets, economic research, and cryptocurrencies. Grayson is a board member of the Christian Liberty Network and applies his faith and financial expertise to promote Biblically Responsible Investing at one of the nation's oldest faith-based investment firms.  

Get in touch with Grayson today at 912-764-4435 to learn more about investing from a Biblical perspective.