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Bulloch County's L&M Farms/Lee's Syrup featured on Georgia Farm Monitor

Patricia and Randy Morton were featured recently in a TV segment on Georgia Farm Monitor's Journey Through Time and Tradition. The husband and wife duo are known throughout Georgia for continuing Lannie Lee's famous Lee’s Syrup tradition. Watch the TV episode here.

Lee’s Syrup and L&M Farms was featured earlier this year in a TV segment on Georgia Farm Monitor’s, Journey Through Time and Tradition.  

The Georgia Farm monitor invites viewers to join them on a journey through time and tradition. From the vintage farmhouse to the sweet syrup that binds generations, it's a century of dedication etched in the roots of Georgia's farmland.

The TV show takes a look back at the traditions of syrup making began by Lannie Lee and continuing through his daughter Patricia and son-in-law Randy Morton who bought the farm in 1992. 

It’s now L&M Farms, LLC, but still operates on the original acreage on Rushing Road just outside of Statesboro.

The Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Tyler Harper and the Georgia Department of Agriculture recognized the Lannie Lee Family farm, now L&M Farm LLC as one of the recipients of the Georgia Centennial Farm Award last year. The award recognizes historic Georgia farms that have been in continuous operation for over 100 years

The Farm Monitor is where you can turn each week to learn about the food you eat and the farmers who grow it. It’s the only news and information television program dedicated to Georgia’s #1 industry — agriculture.

The Farm Monitor has been on the air, telling the story of Georgia agriculture, for over 50 years. Our state is blessed with a climate that allows tremendous opportunities for farmers. Virtually any crop or animal can be grown successfully somewhere in our state. We’re known for our sweet Georgia peaches, our peanuts, and those delicious Vidalia Onions. And don’t forget pecans, poultry, cattle, and blueberries.

Special thanks to Georgia Farm Monitor for allowing Grice Connect to share this wonderful video from their show.