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The Brooklet Elementary News Team took over the Georgia Southern Women's Basketball game on Wednesday

The Georgia Southern Women's Basketball team welcomed students from Brooklet Elementary to help out with game operations on Wednesday night.
The BES News Team recognized at halftime of the GS and SMU game.

On a night where Georgia Southern's female athletes were recognized, Georgia Southern welcomed 9 young women from Brooklet Elementary to help out as the Lady Eagles hosted Southern Mississippi on Wednesday night. 

A couple days after visiting the Savannah Bananas for a media day, the BES News Team was invited to help host the Georgia Southern Women's basketball game on Wednesday. The Brooklet Elementary News Team took a trip to Hanner Fieldhouse to get a glimpse of what it is like to run a college basketball game. The team had several assignments like announcing the starting lineup, keeping the fans engaged, working as sideline reporters, as well as interviewing players after the game. 




About the Brooklet Elementary News Team

BES News Team Members 

  • Londyn Fox
  • Reese Fowler
  • Max Greene 
  • Claire Overstreet
  • Brooks Peterson
  • Ahana Raval
  • Katherine Sharpe
  • Branan Sheffield
  • Izzy Vargas
  • Hannah Wedekind 
  • Dallas Williams 

The Brooklet Elementary News Team is a group of 11 5th grade students that have aspirations to go into broadcasting in the future. The BES News Team produces daily news content for the school that includes school lunches, birthdays, and announcements. 

Lisa Sherrod and Ethan Sandhagen are in charge of the Brooklet News Team. They help out in any way that is possible. Even though Sherrod and Sandhagen are coordinators for the team, the students are the stars of the show.

"This year we changed our motto to 'Student Made, Student Led,'" Sandhagen said. "Everything they do in the morning is made by them. They lead everything and they get to do cool stuff like this."


Brooklet Elementary does a good job of pushing students to go after what they want. "I have to shoutout our principal [Mike Yawn] because he has been supportive from the very beginning," Sherrod said. "It is his vision to go ahead and let young people know that they can lead STEM projects and instill confidence in themselves." 

Students have to try out in order to join the BES News team. Currently, there are 11 total members of the team that include 10 anchors and 1 technician. Sherrod and Sandhagen believe that 11 members is the perfect number when it comes to the size of the team. The BES News Team produces several shows over the course of a school year and the anchors are rotated out. 

Brooklet Elementary started their news team after Southeast Bulloch Middle School started theirs several years ago. Most of the students advance from the BES News team to help out there. 


With the team being all 5th graders, a new group of students take on the task of being the media outlet for Brooklet Elementary every year. Despite keeping the group at 11 members, the BES News Team have large goals and aspirations for the future.

"We want to get as big as we can," Sandhagen said. "We are always looking for new ways to make it bigger and better."