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Statesboro girl in need of living kidney donor

Nine-year-old Sophia is in Stage 5 renal failure, and her single kidney is functioning at just 14%. Her family is seeking donations to fund a needed kidney transplant.

Nine-year-old Sophia lives a full and happy life in Statesboro. But she was born premature with a host of health issues, and she currently has only one kidney. She is in Stage 5 renal failure, and her single kidney is functioning at just 14%. 

By the age of 6, Sophia had already endured 20 surgeries, including invasive ones and smaller but equally important ones to maintain her health.

"Her poor little stomach looks like a road map that tells the story of her journey thus far," her grandmother Windy, who has custody of Sophia, shared. 

By the time she turned 8, she needed to be evaluated for a kidney transplant. She is now in need of a living kidney donor to continue living her life to its fullest and healthiest, and her family is asking for financial help to cover the costs associated with the transplant.

Donations can be made through the Children's Organ Transplant Association (COTA). COTA President and CEO Rick Lofgren recently explained why the goal of the campaign is set at $100,000. That is what he believes the actual long-term cost to the family will be when Sophia moves forward with her transplant.

"Most of our patients will have $5,000 to $10,000 in annual co-payments, deductibles, and medications, as well as $10,000 or more of additional costs for clinic visits and a similar amount for travel to the transplant center," he said. "This could mean $25,000 to $35,000 for these costs alone for any patient in two years after transplant."

You can donate to the COTA Sophia Strong campaign here. You can contact Sophia's grandmother for additional information about becoming a donor at [email protected].


"Sophia has fought so hard to be a kid who can do whatever she wants like other kids, despite being so different," her family shared. "She isn’t shy of showing her friends her many scars and her special ways of doing things different than the norm. Sophia is the strongest little fighter, and through her short little life has brought so much joy and love to all who know her!"