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Senior Moment | The Boro Community Choir's Fall Tour: Harmony in Motion

Embark on the musical journey of the BORO COMMUNITY CHOIR's 'Fall Tour,' a testament to talent and community spirit. Join Jeff Brazell, Worship Pastor at First Baptist Church Statesboro, as he brings together voices to create a harmonious experience for the glory of God.

How thrilling to see the ‘BLESSING’ and the creation of the BORO COMMUNITY CHOIR built from scratch! Jeff Brazell, full-time Worship Pastor at First Baptist Church Statesboro, was offering a fantastic opportunity to use your vocal and musical talents and that’s exactly what they did. 

Just a little history to begin! On Tuesday, September 3, 2023, the BORO COMMUNITY CHOIR was birthed with approximately 35-40 people representing about 3-4 churches in Statesboro, Bulloch County, and surrounding areas. Their goal in September was to build a choir, and that's exactly what happened!!

As of late October, the choir had grown to 85 members and 10 churches representing Statesboro, Bulloch County, Metter, Portal, and Sylvania. The CHOIR  performs only for the PUBLIC. 

Their FIRST performance was at The Lodge at Bethany in October. What a delight! The CHOIR had the pleasure of singing for both the Cottages and the Lodge.

“We sang some of our favorite songs, as well as some hymns of the faith. It was such a heart-warming experience to see the joy on their faces,” said Jeff Brazell

Boro Community Choir visits the Lodge at Bethany. Michele LeBlanc

Sixty vocalists sang a variety of church songs including old hymns, contemporary, and southern gospel. They came prepared with song sheets to pass around, and their technical team with equipment for sound and including piano. They were ready to produce a sweet melody throughout the building.

Approximately 45 residents and visitors were in attendance to enjoy the hour-long concert. It was a huge success with a standing ovation upon completion. The smiles, the singing along, the clapping, and watching everyone in attendance freely engaged made one's heart fill with joy. A special treat was at the end of the concert with an impromptu ‘Happy 99th Birthday’ song to Elsie Washington, one of Bethany’s residents. 


Jerri Mathis, Staff Accountant and Director of Engagement at Bethany, shared, "It was an honor to have the Boro Community Choir come spend time with us at the Lodge bringing the ‘love of Jesus’ and sharing their amazing talent.” 

Their NEXT stop was Willow Pond Senior Care in November.

"Having the BORO COMMUNITY CHOIR visit the Residents was one of the best highlights of our month. Not only did they perform outstanding pieces but they invited our Residents to join and become part of the choir by singing popular hymns. It really made a connection with all of us,” said Sara Chandler, Life Enrichment Director.

Sing-a-long with the Choir-Willow Pond. Sara Chandler

One of the BORO COMMUNITY CHOIR’s singers that performed at Willow Pond, Tricia Dean, said, “It was a great day.The residents enjoyed the music, quite a few indicated that they formally sang in a choir. It was a wonderful blessing to see folks singing along.”

The NEXT STOP for the ‘BORO COMMUNITY CHOIR’ is the ‘Young at Heart’ Christmas luncheon at First Baptist Church Statesboro on December 12, 2023, at 12:00pm.

Jeff Brazell shared, "We will be starting back on January 9, 2024 and are definitely interested in opening the choir to more ‘Talent’. We are thinking of BIGGER and more locations to visit. We realized that there is a huge demand and want to invite MORE talent to be part of this mission, providing a place for people who love music, join their voices together and bring happiness to the audiences."

The choir has no age requirements, no cost, no auditions, no dress code, no denominations or membership required, just your voice and your time. They meet Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. at First Baptist Church on the main floor. Come join them!

“Leading the BORO COMMUNITY CHOIR has become a highlight in my week,” Brazell added. “I'm always amazed at how God sends different people from different backgrounds and different abilities to make up the beauty of a choir for His glory.”

This was truly an ‘Uplifting’  Senior Moment!