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Girls Just Wanna Brunch: An event for women's wellness at the Statesboro DRIPBaR

The DRIPBaR Statesboro recently welcomed members of the community for a "drip" event focused on women's health. Attendees enjoyed discounts, refreshments, and educational information.

The healthcare landscape in Statesboro has recently welcomed an innovative addition - The DRIPBaR Statesboro, operated by Dr. Sreevalli Dega and Dr. Bhavani Vaddey. This new facility marks a significant expansion of the thriving DRIPBaR franchise, known for its unique approach to wellness and healthcare.

At the heart of The DRIPBaR's philosophy is a commitment to helping people take their healthcare beyond diet, exercise, and traditional medicine to support their physical, mental, and cellular wellness. The focus here is on enhancing physical, mental, and cellular wellness. Recognizing that the genesis of many diseases lies in cellular breakdown, The DRIPBaR addresses health at its most fundamental level: the cell.

Clients at The DRIPBaR Statesboro can choose from various IV Lifestyle and IV Health Support drips, all aimed at helping them achieve optimal health and vitality. For those seeking a quick wellness boost without the commitment of a full vitamin drip, the facility also offers six types of IM Quick Shots.

Bryce Coto, nurse manager, and Haley Fitzpatrick, RN, photo provided by Senior reporter, Michele LeBlanc

Recently, The DRIPBaR Statesboro hosted "Girls Just Wanna Brunch" on January 20th, a unique event highlighting women's health. During this event, attendees enjoyed a 50% discount on the 'Firm' drip, specifically designed to strengthen skin, hair, and nails. Alongside the discounted treatments, the event offered refreshments and educational information.

Dr. Dega, discussing the motivation behind the event, said, “Girls Just Wanna Brunch was created to promote women’s health. The Firm drip is geared toward strengthening skin, hair, and nails. It contains a blend of antioxidants that heal damaged collagen and tissue cells. Although men could receive this drip, you see mostly women whom are concerned about their skin and aging.”

Looking ahead, The DRIPBaR Statesboro is eager to host more events like this, with weekends reserved for both in-house and client-organized events. Their message to the community is clear and inviting: “Come Drip With Us!”

As The DRIPBaR Statesboro carves its niche in the local healthcare scene, it stands as a testament to the evolving nature of wellness, offering a blend of science, health, and community engagement that is set to make a lasting impact in Statesboro and beyond.