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Division One: Changing lives and beautifying the community

Division One Services Solutions, a local company run by three childhood friends, specializes in all things maintenance and renovation. They also specialize in giving their employees an uplifting environment and a chance to change their lives.

Division One Services Solutions, established in 2010, is a local business that specializes in renovation, maintenance, and just about everything in between. 

Leroy Lipsey, Project Manager, and Maurice Brack, Leads Manager, work in tandem to provide various services in Statesboro and the surrounding areas.

They do lawn care, water mitigation, restoration, pressure washing, renovations, and provide janitorial services, among many other things. They recently applied for a janitorial contract with Georgia Southern University. 

An example of the meticulous work Division One does on a daily basis

"Division One is basically a full services company," Lipsey explains. "We do everything from landscaping to painting to plumbing . . . pretty much everything that comes with facility maintenance and lawn care."

Traci Brown, Division One's marketing assistant, describes the organization as a small, minority-owned business with a heart for people. 

"The Project Manager and Leads Manager are both black men from the community and are currently employing, I believe, six to eight black men from different backgrounds," Brown says. "Mr. Leroy Lipsey and Mr. Maurice give deserving black men the chance to hold a job, change their lives, give hope for these men to take care of their families. They even pray before they go out each day. Imagine 6-8 strong black men praying for their health, safety, and families each day before they go into the community."

Flooring is just one of the many specialities of this local small business

After a friend had been encouraging Lipsey and Brack to meet and develop a company that showcased their myriad talents, they decided to join forces to create Division One Services Solutions. 

"We finally all got together, had one meeting and said, 'Let's do it,'" Brack remembers. 

The men grew up together, playing Little League to high school football with one another as they cemented their lifelong friendships. They grew up in Statesboro and played for Statesboro High School. Years later, they have successfully transferred that same team mentality that unified them as kids to their business. 

Division One offers pressure washing among many other services

Brown says of the team, "They are licensed and insured, fair and honest, and deserve a chance to be seen by all of Statesboro."

For more information about Division One Services Solutions, please visit their Facebook page or call (912) 678-4924