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Beware of phishing texts and emails posing as the USPS

Several residents in the Bulloch County area have reported receiving bogus text messages from sources posing as the United States Postal Service (USPS). Text and email scams such as these are unfortunately common, especially as the holiday season approaches. Stay informed on how to prevent phishing and report any unusual activity to your local USPS office.
Beware of current phishing scam involving bogus texts and emails posing as the United States Postal Service (USPS). Graphic created by Brandon Robinson.

Several local Bulloch County citizens have been experiencing issues receiving bogus texts and emails from scammers trying to gain private information from individuals. If you are unsure whether a text is a sincere or a scam, please call your local United States Postal Office for more support. 

You can contact the Statesboro/Brooklet USPS office at 1-800-275-8777.

Here is an example of the FALSE text going around (DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IF SENT TO YOU):

"U.S.P.S - Your package arrived at the warehouse but could not be delivered due to incomplete address information. Please confirm your address in the link. (Please evnewdeorthy reply 1 and restart iMessage to activate the link or copy the link to open in your Safari browser) The U.S.P.S team wishes you a great day!"

The United States Postal Inspection Service refers to this type of text message deception as SMISHING.

According to their website,

"Smishing is a form of phishing that involves a text message or phone number. Victims will typically receive a deceptive text message that is intended to lure the recipient into providing their personal or financial information. These scammers often attempt to disguise themselves as a government agency, bank, or other company to lend legitimacy to their claims. USPS utilizes the 5-digit short codes to send and receive SMS to and from mobile phones."

For more information on phishing (and how to prevent falling prey to text or email scams), visit or